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We are the Experts on our child! Through this Pepo channel I create a space where I bring my perspectives, methods I use and the challenges I face while bringing up my 2 of my life-lines. Feel free to share your tips, your learnings N challenges.

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Junisha Malkani 8 months ago
When should we talk about feelings to our little ones??

Emotional Intelligence is important!! And we should be talking about feelings quite often to our children.

I consciously use words to describe the range of complex emotions they experience each day....Share their excitement, calm them when they feel overwhelmed.... To develop their feeling vocabulary.
It is very slow process, takes a lot of practice on their part and a lot of patience on our part!!πŸ˜€

But the time and effort is worth it!!!
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Priyanka Singh 8 months ago
It means lot to them to take something. Kids are always in their mood of playing and imagination. So to talk on those matters require the right time and right way to start. Time can be chosen when we are either driving to some place, playing board games, eating or on walk with them after dinner. Right way can be taken from their stories, friends related anything or whole day activities. anything which they can relate will be taken more and of their interest
Junisha Malkani 8 months ago
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Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
Here’s the step 2 towards β€œHow to choose the right after school activities for kids?”

Understanding the style of teaching of the coach :
The first month of coaching is a crucial period to decide whether we are going to continue or not. This time of every activity that Miss life-line no One joins is of experimentation. If the experience with the coach is good we continue and if not we move to the next activity class. What patterns do I look for while understanding the coaches style of teaching are in the replies below.
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Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
2. Are the children given specific points to improve based on the areas they need to work on :
After working on children for a couple of sessions, what kind of feedback flows in : Is it sort of β€œweak! and needs more practice” OR β€œgood! but can do better.”? Then its a warning sign again. My experiences with good coaches have been, they customize instructions or suggestions that come in about what are the areas to be worked upon for Miss life-line no One and how it can be done.
Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
3. Communication with Parents :
Whether it is setting up expectations or helping them supervise their child’s practice sessions. Or some of these things do not happen since start but if a parent approaches and probes in a little, the best of the coaches happily become a partner.
- The coach should not be an unapproachable dictator
- Should be willing to take feedback
- The Parents have to empathetic to Coaches situations and be flexible and supportive for the partnership to work.
- Both got to leave their egos at home and be willing to collaborate.
Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
This is step1 of a 3 steps process I use to choose the after school activity for my kids.

It starts with understanding the child's style of playing when left to themselves. For my two life-lines, their choices and styles of playing with same things is a stark contrast of one another. I'll take an example of my elder one and how one of my choices of activities for her unfolded.

We, I and my spouse made this choice of no classes for the child till she was 4.5 - 5 years old. To make sure she has at least 2.5-3 hours of outdoor activity time to herself each day. In these playtimes I observed my, life-line no. One, my elder daughter, is a social person. She loved group activities. She goes out in the field and tries stuff out. So some activity that was taught in a group which made children move around could be an activity she might like. On some research we found about roller skating class that used to take place twice a week nearby. Hmm....a good thing to try and see if Miss Life-line One likes it.

The point I am trying to make here is, skating will not be the first thing that I would try for miss life-line Two. As she takes a long time to get comfortable in a group. Probably some individual sport or activity for her would be a better choice when she grows up. I am still observing her playtimes.
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Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
How to choose the right after school activities for kids? Without over scheduling them and making sure they are 'In' for it.
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Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
I'll detail out these points with some specific examples but in a gist it's as follows :

1. It starts with understanding the child's style of playing when left to themselves.

2. Then trying to understand the coaches style of teaching.

3. And then checking the child grit or ability to stick to the activity for a while and based on the experience and improvements taking the steps forward.
Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
The one ritual that I do to foster the confidence in my children is to "Hug" both of them. I do make sure I do it often in a day and for No reason other than to show my Appreciation to them.
- A "make a nice day Hug"
- A "how was your day Hug"
- A "good Night, sweet dreams Hug"

In our day-to-day chores I tend to miss this if I do not specifically remind myself of doing it. But from my own experience, its important and goes a long way.
While you are hugging your child make sure to 'Be the Last One to Let Loose.' We often do not know how strong a hug they need on which day. It gives you a sense of their mood as well!
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Jiya Keswani 9 months ago
what one should see while choosing school for her Little one?
Good question Jiya! I'll share my perspective about choosing a pre-school here first. I give parent-teacher partnership a lot of importance. Schools that give importance to how I as a mother and the teacher together work towards the child's growth are the only choices on list. So for my first child I got to know this by talking to parents of senior batch.... Some used to show me activities upon activities that the kids did while a few others were happy sharing how they learnt what their child is good at on a regular basis and then worked upon the child's strengths together with the teacher.

So while the facilities, distance from home etc do play some role in decision making.....The approach that is taken during these early years of child development is what takes precedence in deciding which pre-school to send to.
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Junisha Malkani 9 months ago
You Are The Expert On Your Child!
Well almost!!

In this channel I bring you my perspectives and methods I use that might enhance your expertise.
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