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This is the official chat for Pepo user feedback. Add your feedback or suggestions here and we will make to to review it and respond. Thanks!


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Peter Elbaor 2 weeks ago
Is there a way to turn down the recommended channels in my home feed?
Hi Peter Elbaor! Yes, you can control, which of the recommended channels appear on your Feed.
This can be done by clicking on the arrow symbol on the post, which opens a contextual menu. From there you can choose to hide a specific channel from your feed or navigate to More Feed Options, where you will see the list of all channels you're member of and a list of suggested ones. There you can decide what appears on your Feed.
We are constantly working on improving the user experience - your feedback means a lot to us and helps us enhance Pepo every day!
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Nishith Shah 3 weeks ago
Wondering if you have considered doing lists or guidebooks on Pepo? Any local expert can create a guidebook. It could augment conversations, and provide an easy way to navigate through a lot of content.

For example, I like how Airbnb is experimenting with guidebooks under the Places tab. Check out the Havana one.
Cool idea, thanks! We've noodled a few things in this direction. We may even look enabling this via outside developers creating apps/widgets for Pepo.
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Nishith Shah 3 weeks ago
While I'm browsing through a channel, it would be immensely helpful to save the places (restaurants etc) that I found interesting, so that I can easily find them later.
Hey Nishith Shah - thanks for the input! Right now in any channel you can select the "my posts" tab at the top to filter to only the posts you have reacted to or replied to. We will be working on better "saves" and "labels" for saves in the future as well as ability to save to maps. It also may be fairly easy to enable Pepo Members to pin to their Google maps. Will look into that!
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Jason Goldberg 3 weeks ago
Jason Goldberg 3 weeks ago
Thanks Nishith! A lot of cool stuff we can do in this "saves" direction.
Anindita Datta 3 weeks ago
Hi Jason & Ignas,
Can we have a hastag feature on posts and search? Since it is a very common way of social searching , I think will help users find content more easily on the platform and get discovered by more users. What do you think?
We are working on some tag features next actually! Some cool stuff planned. We're excited to show everyone soon!
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Kwan Ho Kim 1 month ago

Is it just me or is it difficult to find the description of a group once you're in it?
Hi Kwan Ho Kim! Once inside the channel, you can always click on the top ribbon to see the channel details page where gou can see the description and additional information.
Kwan Ho Kim 1 month ago
Kwan Ho Kim 1 month ago
Hello Pepo team, I love the idea and design. One thing I would like to be added is the ability to click the notification of the person that reacted to our photo so that we are forwarded to his/her profile, instead of our photo? Maybe make it a feature where we can click (hyperlink) their name so that we are forwarded to their profile.

Cheers and good luck. ☺
Thanks! We are adding the ability to see who reacted to your messages. That will be in our next app update.
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Kwan Ho Kim 1 month ago
Max Grant 1 month ago
Hi! Congrats on 2.0. Any thoughts on adding reply/comment functionality to posts from groups you haven't joined? The feed is great for discovery, but it would be nice to have the option to leave a comment without necessarily joining the group. Thanks!
Great point Max! We are already working to release that functionality in our next release!

Keep the feedback coming!
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Max Grant 1 month ago
Awesome, thanks!
Hi Pepo Members: Thanks for pushing us to redesign our user experience. We're so very thankful for your support and feedback!

This 🍰 is for you!
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Rucha Bhat 1 month ago
The new pepo 2.0 looks amazing !! The feed has so much relevant content to show right upfront.. kudos !!!
Jason Goldberg 3 months ago
With 7000 Pepo channels created to-date and hundreds of thousands of posts, replies, & reactions in those channels, one interesting design challenge we have been working on at Pepo is how to make it easier for people to find the best content within a Pepo channel when the content is normally presented in a messaging-like “timeline” view with the newest content always coming in at the bottom of the channel (like in a WhatsApp chat). Scrolling up through hundreds or thousands of posts can be tedious.

We just updated the Pepo app with a new innovation: Smart Filters on the top of every channel.

Here's my blog post on Medium with more details.
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Hi everyone! We have fixed a critical bug impacting photo and video uploads in response to questions for iOS devices. Pleade make sure to update (the latest iOS version is 1.1.14). Thank you for your patience and support 👍
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Max Grant 3 months ago
FYI -- Spotlight uploading isn't working for me. I'm updated to 1.1.14. Not sure if it's the same issue.
Ignas Pečiūra 3 months ago
Hi Max Grant, I'll contact you on a private message.
Paul Renshaw 3 months ago
Would be nice to still see the message I am replying to while writing my reply, and also be prompted that I will lose what I have already typed if I try to go back to the stream without sending the reply.
Thanks Paul Renshaw ! We have this fixed on iOS now and we'll take it up on Android as well!
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Gregor Pfyffer 3 months ago
Hi there,
Did I miss the "edit my reply" button somewhere? Can't seem to be able to correct my spelling mistakes ( I should learn to proofread.. ).
Thanks for the feedback! We need to build that!
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Dolly Sancheti 4 months ago
How do i create channel ? Is there a tab ?
Hi Dolly Sancheti!
To create a new Pepo channel, all you have to do ia click the bottom left icon on your home page. This takes you to the channel creation wizard, where you can select different options for it.
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Ignas Pečiūra 4 months ago
The reviews of Pepo keep coming. This time, our beloved Ayushi G from The Foodie Diaries had this to say:
"My experience using Pepo has been a multifaceted one, connecting me with like-minded food and travel explorers in innovative and interactive ways. "
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Ignas Pečiūra 4 months ago
👀 The Foodie Diaries channel on Pepo - insider tips, exclusive stories, live Q&A, chat w experts.
Ignas Pečiūra 4 months ago
We're just blushing and gushing over the latest Pepo review from Corey Marshall a.k.a.Miss Foodie Problems:
Thank you ❤️
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Ignas Pečiūra 4 months ago
👀 Miss Foodie Problems channel on Pepo - insider tips, exclusive stories, live Q&A, chat w experts.
Ignas Pečiūra 4 months ago
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Ignas Pečiūra 4 months ago
Debolina is hosting Bangalore Insiders channel on Pepo, where she shares her food discoveries and much more!
👀 Bangalore Insiders channel on Pepo - insider tips, exclusive stories, live Q&A, chat w experts.
Debolina Ray 4 months ago
Thanks for this Ignas Pečiūra 🙌🏻
Rajesh Pabari 4 months ago
Are you guys seriously willing to scale this app?
Why are you sending me notifications of the channels am not a part of.

Plz answer this.
Hey Rajesh Pabari we occasionally send some notifications about channels you may want to discover. We keep them to a minimum.

Thanks for the feedback! We will review and work on it.
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Ishaan Bhola 4 months ago
currently the app is not as fast as I would like it to be, secondly the cognitive load for onboarding is way too much - can be much more simpler, thirdly - color palette for app needs to be toned down - right now it's neither minimalist neither - cheerful . fourthly..took me about two minutes to figure out what the app was about and still the proposition is not clear to me ..make it as simple as possible and not simpler.
Hi Ishaan! We are introducing a new registration flow next week, which is going to be more simple and intuitive. We're constantly working on making Pepo user friendly and easy to understand.
Thank you for your feedback!
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Jason Goldberg 5 months ago

And this just in from Daniel Hungry HK who hosts Hong Kong Foodie and co-host Thai Food Stories.


You're making us blush!
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Sydney Michael 5 months ago
Jason Goldberg 5 months ago
Nice food truck Sydney Michael !
Jason Goldberg 5 months ago
Another fabulous Pepo review just came in, this time from Chinmayi Bhambure who runs the Pune Foodies channel. Thanks so much!

Our team is working so hard to keep making Pepo better and better each week and your feedback, good, bad, curious, whatever is so helpful!
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