Insider tips in GlobetrotterGirls at Pepo - May 4 2017, 11.25.49 PM UTC
Who of you still uses travel guides?

I do! 🙋🏼

My biggest regret on my recent trip to Cuba was not bringing a guide book. I found it very hard to navigate the country without one, especially since wifi was hard to come by (and if you found it, it was expensive and painfully slow..) On my next trip, I'll definitely bring one again.

If you do use travel guides: do you have a preferred brand?
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  • Lonely Planet! 3
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  • Rough guides! 2
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Nomadic Boys 1 year ago
Totally agree with you! You can't beat the written Bible of travel- which for us is always Lonely Planet
I recently picked up a rough guide for budget travel Europe. Crazy loads of info and guide books are amaze!