Dani Globetrottergirls at Pepo
Dani Globetrottergirls 1 month ago
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Group travel or solo travel.. what do you prefer?
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Ignas Pečiūra 1 month ago
Depends if group is more than 2 people. I usually prefer to travel with someone, but just 2 of us 😊
Ignas Pečiūra 1 month ago
Easier to coordinate and less coordination required :)
Muthusamy Anandaraj 1 month ago
Wish you all the best
Dani Globetrottergirls 1 month ago
Ignas I agree it can be a pain in the ass to plan but I enjoy the planning aspect of a trip 😊
Pankaj Keswani 2 weeks ago
I like to travel in group but I hate waiting and coordinating all members of group, especially when you are in family groups situation gets worse.
Brian Mullins 1 week ago
Coleraine, United Kingdom
Group travel
Alan Montgomery 1 week ago
Energy burned equals good rest