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Yesterday, the 35th annual Mermaid Parade took place in Coney Island! A parade with whacky costumes right by the ocean - this is Brooklyn’s very own version of Halloween and Mardi Gras, all mixed together.

The Mermaid Parade was introduced in 1983 to celebrate the arrival of summer and to bring to life the mythology behind street names such as Mermaid and Neptune, which are among the main roads in Coney Island. It also aimed to encourage the locals to express themselves in an artistic way - and some of the costumes are pretty epic, and take months of preparation.

Have you been to any cool festivals on your travels?

Two that are still on my bucket list:
Songkhran in Thailand
Holi in India
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Zlatko Skrtic 11 months ago
You make exelent pic !
Rucha Bhat 11 months ago
I have been to Thailand during the songkhran's super fun !!
Ignas Pečiūra 11 months ago
Leopold Cafe, Mumbai, India
I've been to Holi in Mumbai. Was a very interesting and fun experience! Highly recommend 🎨
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