I love the Gay lifestyle. I love to hang out in gay bars, sun bathe on gay beaches, dance the night out in gay clubs, spend my time mostly with gay mates... I am not straight-fobic 😂 it's just the way I feel more comfortable! What about you Pepos?
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Kuba Bula 1 month ago
I Think it very much depends on your background, country you were raised in and personal situation. In my particular case I feel more comfortable with straight-people Even though I am not hidden in the closet.
The Scruffy Italian 1 month ago
That is right Kuba thanks for sharing your opinion 😘
Kuba Bula 1 month ago
I still like to hang out with gay guys and gay places but once most of your friends is straight it is natural to spend time with them. Wouldnt it be ideal if we did not isolate or pigeonholed ourselves as gays or straights. .....