Insider tips in GlobetrotterGirls at Pepo - Jul 28 2017, 04.27.21 AM UTC
**A secret flight hacking tip for you**

Have you flown NorwegianAir? It is one of the very few budget airlines that offer transatlantic flights for ridiculously low prices: I paid $208 for a ticket from Copenhagen to L.A.!, and right now they are having a sale for $99 tickets from NYC to Bergen, Oslo! And here’s a little tip on how you can save even more money when flying Norwegian: You can get your tickets even cheaper if you book your ticket in a different currency - Swedish, Danish or Norwegian kroner! I tested if this really works when I was looking for a flight back to Europe and it was true: the same flight came up $79 cheaper when I chose to pay it in Swedish krona. If you’re looking to fly Norwegian, it's definitely worth checking the same flight in a different currency (I chose Swedish krona because the flight was to Stockholm).

Another reason why flying Norwegian on a long-haul trip is that they are using brand new Boeing Dreamliner planes!

Do you have any flight hacks to share?
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