I've talked about my love for long distance hikes before, and by that I don’t mean hiking for only a few days, but hundreds of kilometers, spanning over several weeks.

Last year, I hiked through Italy – from the Umbria region all the way into Rome.

This year, I am going to hike the Camino De Santiago, starting in the South of France and walk all the way to Santiago De Compostela near Spain's Atlantic Coast, a total of 780 km (500 miles)

The six long distance treks I’d love to do before I die:
1. The West Highland Way in Scotland (the shortest one – only 151 kilometers / 100 miles)
2. The Appalachian Trail in the US (3,510 kilometers / 2,180 miles)
3. Te Arora in New Zealand (3,000 kilometers / 1,864 miles)
4. The Lycian Way in Turkey (540 kilometers / 334 miles)
5. The Pacific Crest Trail on the West Coast of the USA (4,279 kilometers / 2,659 miles)
6. The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal (230 kilometers / 142 miles) – this one is on the shorter side, too, but there is also the Great Himalaya Trek in Nepal which is more challenging at 1,700 kilometers / 1,056 miles.

Who of you has done a long-distance trek or would like to do one?

Any tips?? I’ll be sharing my packing list & preparation for the Camino de Santiago and will take you along with me 😊
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Dani Globetrottergirls 8 months ago
Last year's hike: the historic Via Amerina, which goes from Assisi (Umbria) to Rome.
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