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***Travel tip***
How to do travel insurance the right way!

If you think it’s enough to pay for travel insurance, and then you’re all set, you’re wrong‼️

One thing that many people don’t know (and don’t read in the small print), is that you actually have to provide the serial numbers of all electronics you’re taking with you on your trip in case of a claim. ‼️‼️

Do you have them written down somewhere?

I admit that for years, I didn’t! These are the devices I had to find the serial number for and write down (or take photos of, then email them to myself): my iPhone, my Kindle Fire, my laptop, my dSLR camera and my iPod Touch.
In addition, I scanned my passport and emailed a copy to myself, and I took down the numbers of all of my credit cards, plus the emergency phone numbers of my bank, so that I could call them right away if my cards get stolen. In short, I am prepared for the worst case scenario!

Another tip on travel insurance: Think carefully about which policy to take out. Usually there are two options: a basic one, and an explorer / adventurer policy. I've been using the Standard Policy by World Nomads for years now, but never needed to make a claim. After reading the policy carefully, I opted for the more expensive Explorer policy when I went to Colombia, a country I wasn’t sure how safe it’d be.

The difference? My belongings were covered up to $3,000 instead only $1,000. I was less concerned about getting sick than being robbed, and for me the reimbursement for loss, theft or damage during the trip to baggage was more important. The coverage for medical expenses for emergency treatment of an accidental injury that occurs during the trip, and an emergency evacuation, is excellent in both World Nomad's Standard and Explorer policies.
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