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***Flight Hacking Tip: Google Flights***

Is anybody else using Google Flights?

In the past, I’ve used sites like Expedia, OneTravel and Skyscanner to find cheap flights, but in recent years, Google Flights always ended up finding the cheapest flights for me.

Here are five tips on how to get the most out of Google Flights:

1 Get price alerts

When I am looking to book a flight, I always set up an email alert to get updates on the latest changes in price. When GoogleFlights emails me with a price drop for the flight I’m looking to book, that’s when I usually book it.

2 Use the calendar

If you are flexible with your dates (even slightly!), look at the calendar and get an overview for the entire month. See which dates are the cheapest for your route.

3 Listen to Google

On that note – Google Flights already suggests a cheaper date to you, stating in the results how much money you’ll safe if you leave on day X instead.

4 Use the map

If you are somewhat flexible with your destination, use the map function. It’ll show you how much it costs to fly into a nearby airport instead. If you’re planning a Euro trip with a flexible schedule for example, this function is super useful, because flying into a different country in Europe can save you hundreds of dollars.

5 Be spontaneous

If you just want to get away but don’t care much about where you are going, use the ‘Discover Destinations’ function. Just type in your dates and the airport you’re leaving from and you’ll be shown cheap flights to all kinds of different places. This is a great way to find a cheap destination!
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Jason Goldberg 9 months ago
Google flights has established itself as the absolute best.
Dani Globetrottergirls 9 months ago
Jason I don't really like how much google knows about me but I can't complain about the flight deals they're finding for me ☺️
Swaminathan Jayaraman 9 months ago
Dani I use a mix of Momondo and Google Flights. Usually compare the cheapest and the best options to pick that works for me. Momondo does search for all major and budget airlines too.
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