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Prague - Czechia
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A picture perfect city

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Huge Fr 11 months ago
Is Prague perfect for summer
Sašo Kos 1 year ago
Lucas Politano 1 year ago
Hi guys 😋 I'm going to Prague on the 13th of February, do you guys know a little bit about nightlife there ?
Thanks 🤗
Mike Kivitz 1 year ago
Headed to Prague for NYE. Arriving Thursday. Reccomendations for a club on NYE?
Dave Russell Jr. 1 year ago
Very nice! Enjoy :)
Mike Kivitz 1 year ago
Thank you
Dave Russell Jr. 1 year ago
What kinds of food do you like to eat? And what are your interests? Prague has a bit of everything, you could take a look at the scrollback (stuff that's been said before you came in) for suggestions I have given Angel :)
Baris F 1 year ago
If you help me to know prague better i will be so glad
Thanks 😉
Baris F 1 year ago
Hello everyone i am an erasmus student in warsaw
And i will come to prague next week for 3 nights socan you help me about places to see and eat
Dave Russell Jr. 1 year ago
Lived there for about 4 months ;) If you have a car while you're in the Czech Republic, take a trip to Ustí nad Labem, beautiful mountain area. Make sure you're prepared to drive in the snow though
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Angel V 1 year ago
Hello, thank you so much for this! It's pretty substantial and I'm definitely making note. You sound like you know Prague pretty well.
Dave Russell Jr. 1 year ago
Dave Russell Jr. 1 year ago
As well, the art museum on the other side of the river (after you cross over the Charles Bridge) is a great experience. They have the penguins on the water lit up at night. If you have time, go to Prague 2 where there's a fortress (Vyšehrad) that's really beautiful. Most of it is free to go to as well, minus the museum which costs like 50 kr
Dave Russell Jr. 1 year ago
Angel: Prague is absolutely amazing, definitely take some time to go to the church next to the Charles Bridge, the oldest organ in the Czech Republic (and I believe Europe) is played every night at 20.00. A beautiful experience if you like music. As well, you can get a bite to eat under the Charles Bridge next to the water, if you go through the passageway that leads to the dance club next to the torture museum there's a restaurant about halfway in. It used to be owned by a terrible owner, but the new owner has really revamped it and it's so beautiful. The food is really good as well, and decently priced for the city location. It's usually quiet in there as well because the restaurant had such a bad rep back then. It's called the Charles Bridge restaurant now.
Angel V 1 year ago
I will be in Prague starting the December 24th. Will be alone until the 26th when friends join me. Any suggestions from Xmas eve and day?
And if in Prague also check KutnaHora city...with the bone church
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Check the Corinthia hotel...pool at 26th floor
S K Bhagat Ji 1 year ago
Bernarda Cruz 1 year ago
I dream about going to Prague!! Maybe next year...
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Alexey Laptev 1 year ago
Great city!!
Yannis Treffot 1 year ago
Seems to be really cool indeed :-) I landed tonight and even though there is fog, architecture looks amazing!
Elvin John when will u go there? i will be there from 20/12 -24/12 :)
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Check Kutna Hora is really full of history.
Elvin John 1 year ago
Hi everyone! I wanna visit Prague! I think it's spectacular!
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Mario Leal 1 year ago
I'll be in Prague from 17 until 28... hope I get the most of it!!!!
Yannis Treffot 1 year ago
I'm sure you will :-) have a lovely trip.
Yannis Treffot 1 year ago
Hey there,
I'll be in Prague next week, any recommendations on where to have a drink at around 10pm on Monday? The city looks amazing. Cheers.
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Maybe also put same question in global gay travel group. This one doesn't have many people yet in Prague.
Yannis Treffot 1 year ago
Hi Jason,
Thanks for the tip. Will do shortly.
Leopold Bosankic 1 year ago
In Prag tonight - anybody recommendations for a good pub tonight?
Marat Ryndin 1 year ago
Jo :)
Sunny Lo 1 year ago
Indeed, the sheer beauty of Prague's architecture is simply amazing.
Jonathan Taylor 1 year ago
Parliament in Prague. Such a gorgeous city. We were just there last week.
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Marat Ryndin 1 year ago
Sure is. My girl is from there so have been a few times.
Sunny Lo 2 years ago
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Sunny Lo 2 years ago
Gorgeous Prague Castle
Sunny Lo 2 years ago
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Sunny Lo 2 years ago
A picture taken right outside our hotel room's window.
Marat Ryndin 1 year ago
Prague makes anyone into a great travel photographer :)