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Hello, my dream is to build / create a total new code language (high level programming language) which will not based on other existing languages, for example, such as, c++, C#, Java compiling, Cobol, Pascal, basic, Unix and more !
As far I know and until today, is that I need to create firstly a complete new low level programming language, and to do so I need to read and learn things I don't know and that I have to work with algorithms decoding and for that I need a help! Now the reasons that led my mind to dream that huge movement is that I dream to create total new era on computer Languages that will support a better and easier design and better quicker highly artificial intelligent operating system for computers and which will push the A. I CENTURIES ahead from the today level in A. I, and for sure will also have a great impact to the new evolution revolution also in hardware and main general technology ⚙! What I need is two things, firstly a simple advice on where to start from, with algorithms on how to translate 010110011 into language how to fix a low level language where to begin from (I don't mind to act like I live at the end of 1940s 50s 60s 70s!)! The second is that I need people to help me in translation! People that I'll meet and trust! And the last one is the hardest for me as I trust no one!
Thank you really very much! I need to create a new O. S completely based at no existing languages as Unix Linux basic c++ Java etc! Apreciate your help!
Pedro Cardoso 1 year ago
I'm would love work in web design and web development.
Hey. Java programmer here. Start learning angularjs and mobile developer.
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Hi guys I hope you are all doing well! I am looking for a full stack developer either in The Netherlands or Chile. If you happen to know some one in these areas I would really appreciate it. If there is anything I can do for you let me know :) cheers.
Mihály Magyar 1 year ago
Wow - cool :)
Niaal Sharma 1 year ago
Hey programmers 😊
Niaal Sharma 1 year ago
Benja Fernandez 1 year ago
Rizwan Mahfooz 1 year ago
SharePoint consultant here
Is any one to help me with algorithm?
Nuehler Jc Dungs 1 year ago
Brian Mituka 1 year ago
So happy to be here.. Currently learning how to code.. From kenya
Leu Buschmann 1 year ago
Ayt Joseph, I've done that before but I'll do it again. What subreddits do u suggest?
Musa B. Kromah 1 year ago
Great to see innovation like this
Joseph Clifton 1 year ago
If you want just some random users to try out something you made, post it to a relevant subreddit and ask for feedback
Leu Buschmann well if you have a great product, someone will be able to see that
Leu Buschmann 1 year ago
Right, but u need a hunter to get featured on product hunt innit? Tried to get Jonathan Triest once but he wouldn't do it😬
And after that is having a good user acquisition strategy
Usually early adopters you get through product hunt and sites like those
Leu Buschmann well, you are a domain expert in chemistry, there should be a lot of applications for IT and apps for that field
Leu Buschmann 1 year ago
Biggest issue... how do I leverage my skill in the industry lol? Cos I don't know how to get gigs, and I suck at acquiring early users for my projects (brings me to the question of "how did u guys find this app") ?
Oh cool Papa Fuerté
Leu Buschmann 1 year ago
O mehn... ok so I hold a Chemistry bachelors, pursuing an MBA at the moment & I've been coding in Swift and python for two years now
Yassine NY 1 year ago
Fatimah Abdou 1 year ago
Here we go hey guys hope to learn a lot from u also willing to share my knowledge
iOS dev here
Full stack developer here
After a few mins got hooked
I love the design
This app is so awesome
Ruby on rails and objective c
Web and iOS Dev here
Vlad Timofeev 1 year ago
At the moment developing OPENGL hand visualization.
Vlad Timofeev 1 year ago
I think there will be much more people after some weeks.
So clean
Love this app
What up!
Omron Blauo 1 year ago
Love it! Anyone doing app dev on the road?
Vlad Timofeev 1 year ago
Hi everyone, I think this chat will be helpful for people who want make new connections In IT community