Shruti Sahu Gupta 11 months ago
Hi, what do you​ prefer to do when in a layover for a long time in an airport and stuck with no card to give access to lounges ?
Tzy Ling Tan 11 months ago
I always plan my trips with little layover time but that also means I don't get to see the airport or explore much. If I have more than 6 hours I will try to take a bus/train/monorail out to the city. Or anything nearby (make sure you don't need special visa for that country). If it's under 6 hours and I've exhausted all the shops in the airport I grab a drink, hunt free WiFi and a charging station and use that time to catch up with my social media, family, emails and read. Hahaha boring I know.
Shruti Sahu Gupta 11 months ago