Maya G 11 months ago
what's your best advice for someone who wants to do one of those hikes?
Dani Globetrottergirls 11 months ago
My advice is to start with a hike that's not in high altitude (such as the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal). I'd start with the Camino de Santiago because it's the most developed one. Which means if you feel like you can't walk one day, there's a bus you can take. As for preparing, I recommend walking long distances. Track your kilometers. (Use an app for it). That way you'll get a feeling for how long it takes you to walk 5k, and you can up your distance to 10k, 15k and eventually 20k. When you get to 20k, pack a backpack that you would bring on the hike. Because it's one thing to walk this sort of distance, but a whole different story to walk it with your gear on your back. I wouldn't set out on a major hike like that until you're comfortable walking this distance, and two or three days in a row. Make sure to always pack enough water on a hike , force yourself to hydrate. If the walking bores you, load your phone with audiobooks or podcasts. Happy walking 😃
Zlatko Skrtic 11 months ago
And to You also!
Happa walking!
Yaser Elgandy 11 months ago
Your world is nice but sport without other friends and feelings love it's hard happy walking with love and feeling from me to you and all world
Maya G 11 months ago
Thank you for that great answer!! I'll definitely take your advice. Been dying to do the Camino ever since a friend told me about it.