Rucha Bhat 11 months ago
Hey Dani,
Have you walked Camino De Santiago trail ? Can you suggest a great post/blog you have written or found on web.. which I can take a look at and plan accordingly !

Thanks a ton 😀

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Dani Globetrottergirls 11 months ago
Hi Rucha ,

Thanks so much for your question! The Camino has been on my travel wish list for the past few years but I’ve always had timing issues. Basically, the best time to walk it is September (June to August too crowded, March – April leading up to Easter too many pilgrims, October to March too cold… May would be nice though, with the wild flowers in bloom!) but these past few years, I’ve always had other plans at that time of year. This year it actually might work out though! I am ready 😊

So yes, I’ve come across a ton of good blog posts about the Camino because I’ve been researching it a lot!

Here are some good ones:

If you end up walking the camino before I do, I’d love to hear your feedback and advice 😃
Rucha Bhat 11 months ago
Awesome thanks Dani !!! I will go through the links you shared 😃