Rosanna Fung 10 months ago
Hi has anyone been to Santorini and Paro. Will be visiting this July and gotten mixed information in regards on what to do and whether a car rental will be required. Any good travel tips will be very much appreciated.
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Dani Globetrottergirls 10 months ago
I personally haven't been, but maybe somebody else can help? 😳
Jason Goldberg 10 months ago
My experience is that you definitely do not need to rent a car in Santorini.
Jānnis Boudouris 10 months ago
I went to santorini 11 times haha it's my favorite island and I can write a book about it, Paros is really beautiful island and there go to cabana beachbar and say my name to the owner he's very good friend, anyway you gonna love both islands and if you need more info shoot me ;-)
Rosanna Fung 8 months ago
Hi Jannis, thank you for your message. I left Greece already by the time I read the message. And yes, don't mind returning