Rucha Bhat 9 months ago
Give us one travel experience where you felt this was "one life changing" experience and will make you feel better for the rest of your life just by tapping into that memory you have now 😄
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 9 months ago
Wouldn't call this an experience but a self realisation of sorts after a few of my trips.

Travel helped me sort of figure out those things that are really essential. I've lived with 5-6 pair of clothes when traveling for a straight 25-30 days and currently redesigning my wardrobe essentials based on these learnings. Stop accumulating things you won't use on a daily basis.

The idea is someday I'll be able to move in and out of countries, cities and homes with just the basic luggage and tech.
Swaminathan Jayaraman 9 months ago
One thing I've always carried around is Adidas Boost shoes. You've worn them once, it's going to stay with you in one form or the other!
Jason Goldberg 9 months ago
Great advice Swaminathan Jayaraman! I travel the world several times over every year and I have not checked luggage once in more than ten years. Forget about fancy, find a set of functional basics you love and stick to them. I have bought the same pair of shoes a dozen times (albeit in slightly different colors) and I've been wearing fhe same basic tees for years.
Rucha Bhat 9 months ago
Awesome Swaminathan and Jason ..You guys inspire me and kinda help me in building an altogether new perception about travelling ! Thanks a ton 😍
Carol Lafond Wieczorek 9 months ago
I appreciate all your help,I'm not much on traveling but I met someone who lwants me too.Thanx. Jason Goldberg