Daniel Gannon 8 months ago
hi how are you? I was wondering if you could offer me any tips for a trip I'm making to Sicily in September. My self and my three gay friends are renting a villa in Modica do you know if there are any gay or nudist beaches in the region. Are there any gay bars or clubs in Modica ? P.S your very sexy in your pics keep them coming.
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Sergio Scardia 8 months ago
Hi Daniel, I am very well thanks! You made a great choice: Modica and the area around is beautiful! Unfortunately, tho, some parts of Sicily still lack of a proper visible gay life, so there are no bars or clubs in the area. If you move up north you can find some bars around Taormina and Catania, and some Gay beaches too. This said, if you open dating apps (very popular in Italy Gayromeo) I am sure you will find plenty of locals willing to help! Next time, plan your holidays in Puglia ;)
Daniel Gannon 8 months ago
thank you for all your help I'm sure we will have a great time.