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These poems/quotes are based on true experiences in life. inspired from real family, real friends and true loved ones. these are very relatable to all and makes people remember their own moments in life.

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Kashyap S Rawat 2 years ago
Whole room to myself, but I m on floor,
Not the twinkling lights,
But Ikea lamp on the floor,
Have closed the door,
Lullaby on cellphone,
M trying to sleep on the mattress on the floor.
No one knocking yet my thoughts want to open the door,
Can I have all my frens on the door ,
Entering the room jumping on the floor.
Me not tired , me also jumping, me laughing more n more,
How I wonder that these shud b the wishes even when m successful more n more.
Happiness, joy, good health, prosperity, good times is I wish for all loved ones to the core,
This is what I Wish even when my fren also to ask "Wish More"

Continued *
Let's turn it into a dance floor,
May be goa, pondy any beach shore,
I only wished and little did I knew,
Happiness is knocking my frens door,
Happy I am as happy they are ,
Why not share joy more and more πŸ˜‰
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