Insider tips on Cayo Jutías, Cuba in GlobetrotterGirls at Pepo - Apr 25 2017, 07.45.42 PM UTC
Cuba has some amazing beaches!

This is Cayo Jutias, Cuba’s most discovered 'undiscovered' beach is the 3km-long blanket of sand that adorns the northern coast of Cayo Jutías, a mangrove-covered key approximately 65km northwest of Viñales and attached to the mainland by a short pedraplén (causeway). Jutías – named for its indigenous tree rats – is caressed by crystal-clear water, which is perfect for swimming. There are no hotels here, and since the beach is pretty remote (it takes 75 minutes on a pothole-filled road to get here) there aren’t many tourists.
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Maya G 11 months ago
Looks amazing!!
Tina Stone 11 months ago
Omg !!! Love the beach, sand looks amazing
Dani Globetrottergirls 11 months ago
Tina it was by far my favorite beach in Cuba! And I loved that there were hardly any people 😍❤️😍
Bekir Öztürk 11 months ago
İzmir Türkişh.Hello.
Kader Milano 10 months ago
Kader Milano 10 months ago