Insider tips on Burger Republic, Hyde Park, Australia in Adelaide Food & Sights at Pepo - May 20 2017, 12.52.00 PM UTC
No. 1 - Burger Republic

Lo and behold the top spot goes to these guys.
I am so glad this place is closer to my end of the world and is an awesome burger joint that serves some great craft beers too! Biting into this cheeseburger I was wowed by the flavour. Serving up a charred patty cooked to perfection that was mouthwatering while keeping a pink and juicy center. The pickles, mustard and tomato were all in good balance. Got nice sweet and sour hits through the meaty taste. The bun was so soft with a shiny glaze, a great platform to wrap my hands around. Overall the cheeseburger was well balanced but the beef flavour in the patty was the best. Splitting hairs with number 2 this came on top because it had that smokey chargrill flavour and the beef patty shone through more.

That concludes my Top 5 Cheeseburgers in Adelaide. To see the other 4 that made the list scroll up. I'd love to know what your favourite burger places are 😊
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Lyf&Spice 1 year ago
Though I always take the cheese off (believe me).. this one looks really good 😉😊
Tzy Ling Tan 1 year ago
I'm the opposite Lyf&Spice, I love cheese! Extra cheese hahah
Lyf&Spice 1 year ago
Haha. Thought as much Tzy Ling Tan