Insider tips on Negev, Israel in GlobetrotterGirls at Pepo - May 29 2017, 10.38.12 PM UTC
Who of you loves multi-day hikes?

I certainly do! One of my favorite hikes to date was the Israel National Trail, a 1,000 kilometer / 620 miles long hiking trail that crosses the country from south to north, beginning at the Red Sea near the Jordanian border in the south and finishing near the Lebanese border in the north.

For anyone who is into multi-day trekking, anyone who finds treks like the Camino de Santiago, the Appalachian Trail in the U.S. or the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal appealing, this is a hike of epic dimensions.

Walking the entire trail takes between six and eight weeks, but I hiked only some parts of it: some of the Negev Desert in the South, the mountains around Jerusalem, and the Lower Galilee in the north of Israel.

Have you done a multi-day hike? If so, where was it and how long was it?
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