Insider tips on Zaep Tastes of Thailand, North Adelaide, Australia in Adelaide Food & Sights at Pepo - Jun 28 2017, 10.42.13 PM UTC
Got invited to a new Thai Restaurant launch called Zaep Tastes of Thailand on O'Connell Street, Nth Adl. The food seemed promising and the passion is definitely there. We started off with some savoury Sago Balls and dived into this Gai Golek (marinated grilled chicken) straight after. Good flavours and the chicken was still juicy. Stay tuned for more preview photos.
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Lyf&Spice 10 months ago
Brilliant shot!!
Tzy Ling Tan 10 months ago
Thanks Lyf&Spice 😄😄
Looks great!
Tzy Ling Tan 10 months ago
Thanks Does My Bomb Look Big In This tasted great too!