Insider tips on Zürich, Switzerland in eTramping at Pepo - Aug 2 2017, 08.42.37 AM UTC
In Zurich ⛪, we struggled a lot with finding a nice cafe with Wi-Fi. Only big and sophisticated restaurants where open with tables and chairs placed outside and no wifi available. We checked few bars and coffee shops ☕, there was either a nice coffee served with no wifi or all the way around, wifi was fast but there was no coffee available. That made us realize two things: we are unhappy peeps when disconnected from the internet 💻(we can't work and maintain work while traveling) but because we are flexible, we can tweak things around and focus on sightseeing for the entire day and then work in the evening in our hostel/hotel/airbnb. We love our nomadic lives and all perks that come with it.
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A-zone N 7 months ago