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NYC INSIDER TIP: Discover the ‘real’ Little Italy in the Bronx

Have you been to Little Italy in New York? Most people have – but let me tell you: you haven’t been to the REAL ‘Little Italy’. Because that’s located in the Bronx, along Arthur Avenue. Little Italy is generally considered the area across East 187th Street from Arthur Avenue to Prospect Avenue, and the first Italian immigrants settled here in the 19th century to help building the Bronx Zoo, and later on the Third Avenue elevated train. The Arthur Avenue area, sometimes also referred to as Belmont, offers some of the finest Italian-American establishments in New York: restaurants, bakeries, butchers, mozzarella makers and espresso machine vendors.

The Bronx’ Little Italy shows you a refreshingly different side of New York City, but with its red brick buildings, Italian markets and tree-lined streets one that you’ll be happy to explore. Go inside the Arthur Avenue Market, stop at Belmont institutions such as Madonia Brothers Bakery, Cosenza Fish Market, La Casa Della Mozzarella or Cerini Coffee. And make sure to come hungry – you’ll want to eat at one of the authentic Italian eateries or at least sample some Italian pastries and coffee at one of the irresistible pastry shops. I personally loved the pizza at 089 and the pastries at the Palombo Pastry Shop, but other recommended restaurants & shops are: Mike’s Deli for giant sandwiches (inside the Arthur Avenue market), Cafe al Mercato (also inside the market) for the best espresso, Terranova Bakery for fresh bread (rated #1 bread in NYC!), Borgatti’s for fresh pasta, Tra Di Noi for what is often declared the best Italian food on Arthur Avenue
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