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***Destination Tip: Budget Tips for Iceland***

For the past few years, Iceland’s been one of the hottest destinations (even though it’s actually the opposite of that: really cold!). I have yet to meet someone who does NOT want to go to Iceland! The only problem with Iceland is that it is notoriously expensive, and not everybody can afford a pricey trip with fancy hotels or an organized tour around the country.

I've got good news for you though: I was able to keep my expenses low in Iceland and visit the country on a small budget, and I've put together my best tips for you on how to spend as little as possible on a trip to Iceland:

1. Bring your friends!
That's right - the more people you are, the cheaper it'll get. Especially when it comes to car rentals. A medium-sized car costs around 40 Euros per day, which means, if you are traveling with three friends, that's only 10 Euros per person per day for a car (and you'll really want a car in Iceland - it's all about the landscapes, many of which you can't reach on public transport).

If you travel with friends, you can also share 4-bed rooms in a hostel, which are cheaper than double rooms.

2. Don't eat at restaurants.
Restaurants in Iceland are pricey! A pizza starts at around ISK2,000 (US$18.80) a burger is around ISK1,900 (US$17.90). Shop in the supermarkets instead and make picnic lunches - they're not cheap either but you can get a meal for about half the price of what you'd pay for a restaurant meal.

3. Don’t pay for water
Icelanders pride themselves for having some of the best water in the world! It comes straight from a spring and is delicious – why would you pay for bottled water?! Plus, you won’t contribute to plastic bottle garbage.

4. Don't visit during high season
During the summer months, prices surge. For accommodation and rental cars in particular. If you go in April /May or in September, you'll get much better deals. If you go in low season (Oct-March), you can save up to 50% for rental cars, but the weather can be pretty bad and the days are much shorter, something to be aware of.

5. Don't drink
I know, this can be tough, but prices for alcohol in Iceland are ridiculous. If you really want to booze, pick up liquor or beer at the duty free shop in the airport right when you arrive. In regular supermarkets, beer starts at ISK800 (up to 1200) /US$7.50-11.30, but cans are cheaper: around ISK350 /US$3.30 (for 500ml).
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 9 months ago
Thanks Dani Globetrottergirls

The tip I was looking for! Heading to Iceland in November and already thinking to get a travel partner here and for food, may be planning to live on cup noodles and ready to eat stuff.