Insider tips on Apo Island, Dauin, Philippines in GlobetrotterGirls at Pepo - Aug 24 2017, 06.42.51 PM UTC
‼️Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel Tip for the Philippines‼️

There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, but travelers usually go to the same 6 – 7 islands. What about the other 6,994+?

While I was traveling in the Philippines, I was told about a place called Apo Island by another backpacker. ‘You can swim with turtles there.’, she told me. That sentence was all I needed to hear in order to change my travel plans once again and to include a detour to Apo Island in my Philippines island hopping trip. The island is just a short 45-minute ferry ride from Dumaguete Island, from where you can book the snorkeling trips to Apo Island as a day excursion.

For 1,000 Pesos (around US$20), you get to swim at three different snorkeling spots around the island, plus food & drink on the boat (fruit, coffee, water and a sandwich for lunch.)

Looking back, I wish I would’ve spent at least one night on Apo Island though – that would be my recommendation. There are a few hotels right on the beach, and they arrange the boat transfer for guests.

If you are visiting the Philippines and are heading to Siquijor (another hidden gem), add Apo Island to your itinerary – it’s less than one hour by ferry from Siquijor‼️
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