Insider tips on London, United Kingdom in Two Bad Tourists at Pepo - Sep 13 2017, 12.59.38 PM UTC
This cheese platter from our London food tour is still quite memorable. 🧀😋 Where's the best cheese you've had?
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Nomadic Boys 5 months ago
Blue cheese in France 😍😍😍😅😋
Jason Goldberg 5 months ago
Caprice, Hong Kong
Caprice in hong Kong. They have a cheese room in the restaurant that they take you in for a tour and tasting before you choose.
Two Bad Tourists 5 months ago
Ohh sounds delicious Jason! Yum!
Two Bad Tourists 5 months ago
David LOVES blue cheese, but Auston won't touch it. 😋🙅🏽‍♂️ Nomadic Boys