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Rome - Italy
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Discover the most delicious side of the Italian capital - for foodies dedicated to finding the best food and drinks in Rome.

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Eating near the Colosseum can be filled with challenges but Terre e Domus is a fantastic option in the shadow of Trajan's Column. All the food and wine comes from Lazio, the region where Rome is located.
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What do you do with an old warehouse on the Tiber river? Turn the upper level into penthouses and the bottom into super cool craft beer bar Stavio. Try brews from all over Italy, with guest beers from wider Europe.
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Trendy fillings have given new life to Rome’s traditional Rosetta bread. Named after the rose bloom it resembles, the bread is both satisfyingly crunchy and soft. Zia Rosetta in Monti serves up mini and regular sized sandwiches on the signature bun
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BrewDog is a craft beer bar just a minute’s walk from the Colosseum. Great beer, burgers and even a vegan option to keep you well fed between the pints and the views
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The best deal in Rome is a €4 Pasta lunch by the Spanish Steps. Pastaficio Guerra specializes in fresh pasta to be cooked at home, but every day they make a hot meal for a low low price that can be eaten with no frills on the spot
Want a little Sicilian sweetness in your life? I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza is straight from Catania but offers cannoli now in the center of Rome (and Ciampino airport if you're flying out!)
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Tiramisu 24-7? ZUM specializes in the classic Italian dessert and makes both original and seasonal flavors
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Did you know that pizza in Rome is usually only served for dinner? That's because it takes so long for the wood fired ovens to heat up. However, Emma near Campo de’ Fiori also offers pizza for lunch
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Coming to Rome soon? There's a good chance you will pass through the central Termini station. Here is how to eat well when you are in the neighborhood:
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Modern food and contemporary cocktails await at Santo - where the vibe is cool but quiet on the backstreets of Trastevere
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Looking for the perfect spritz? Head to Freni e Frizioni in Trastevere. Laid back vibe, a great aperitivo and killer cocktails
Excellent cacio e pepe at Osteria dei Capellari. It's always good know reliable restaurants near Campo de’ Fiori because the piazza itself is a bit untrustworthy foodwise