Sabbatical - Ask The Experts - Hosted by Arthur Maas - Pepo - Oct 23 2016, 09.52.40 PM UTC


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Would be cool to discuss ideas for 3-12 months off. I think this is healthy for start up masochists.

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Arthur Maas 1 year ago
I want to focus on being physically active. The idea of sitting all day for an entire career is a bit scary.
In my case, I'd write, read and study; and grow some vegetables. But I'm sure you'd have some activities you'd like to catch up with yourself.
Arthur Maas 1 year ago
María González Picatoste sounds perfect in many ways. But what would you want to do with the time?
I'm sort of at the same stage in my career and what I am considering is renting a small house in a remote, tiny town on Spain's country side where I can disconnect from my up-until-today world and connect with a more natural, basic, wholesome life.
Del Williams 1 year ago
It would be interesting to visit another Country and observe their startup scene. You could rent a place in a foreign country for six months or a year.
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Arthur Maas 1 year ago
Any ideas where?
Eve Moskau 1 year ago
Not sure how official or unofficial it was, and i only know german universities, which indeed are pretty open
Arthur Maas 1 year ago
Interesting idea. I guess most courses are pretty open to crash.
Eve Moskau 1 year ago
Digital detox will be hard ^^ a girl i know took half a year off and went to berkeley as a guest student of some sort. It wasn't for a degree or certificate, just to get some education in a field that was completely unrelated to her industry. That sounded really exciting for me.
Arthur Maas 1 year ago
Eve Moskau Still working it out. I do not want to backpack and jump from place to place. I also want a digital detox of pets. Looking for a bit of inspiration 😀
Eve Moskau 1 year ago
Oh exciting! For how long? And what are the plans? Traveling, charity work, personal projects? Or no idea yet?
Arthur Maas 1 year ago
I'm thinking of taking some time off after grinding for more than 4.5 years on a 🚀 startup. I'm looking for ideas on what to do and would love some inspiring stories 😀.
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Arthur Maas 1 year ago
Ok cool. I thought it meant other people can also. Guess I didn't read carefully enough.
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Thanks. We'll make that more clear!