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San Francisco

San Francisco - United States
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If anyone lives here, what are the positives and negatives! I visit all the time and I definitely want to live either here or close by to pursue my graduate degree!

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I'm traveling for work this week and landed a nasty cold. Time for some serious comfort food. Asked the waiter at MKT if they had anything like a seafood pasta. Bam! And it's spectacular.
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If you were to recommend one favorite meal in San Francisco right now, like your go-to spot, where are you going?
Two Bad Tourists 8 months ago
A taqueria in the Mission District! El Toro for example. YUMMY ๐Ÿ˜‹
Kayla M 6 months ago
Pho at Tin in Soma. My favorite cold day comfort food!
Anoushka Vaswani 1 year ago
Lots of positives - moderate climate year long, awesome outdoors surrounding the Bay (Tahoe, Marin) and a very friendly culture