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Self Driving Vehicles

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A chat about self driving vehicles

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Vasco Ferreira Pinto 2 years ago
A question this raises for me (which I hope someone smarter has looked into) is what happens at bridges. I have heard (maybe a myth) that rhythmic motion is the most dangerous thing for a bridge since it gradually amplifies and can eventually break it. Apparently this is why armies are taught not to march in sync when they are crossing bridges. Have we overcome this design flaw in bridges or will self-driving cars have to address the issue by changing their normal operating mode when they cross a bridge?
Xavier HC 2 years ago
Singapore self driving car! It's real!
Swaminathan Jayaraman 2 years ago
Fully automated?
Xavier HC 2 years ago
No one was touching the steering wheel when I saw it going around. So I suppose so
Xavier HC 2 years ago
I have requested a ride of the Singaporean self driving car. If I get it, I'll post my experience here!
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Robert T. L. Lo 2 years ago
:-( we need to have self driving car so we can do other things when jamming in traffic
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Marat Ryndin 2 years ago
There actually won't be much traffic with self driving cars. More people per car, much more efficient diving and centralized routing.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Swaminathan Jayaraman 2 years ago
This is nice. Creating an even playing level by sharing OEMs, standards and AI. Human control with little autonomous will keep Ubers and other taxi services can play to their strength - the driver network for now. How long do you think it will take to level 5?