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Checked out a secretly famous neighbourhood French bakery this Sunday morning that I've heard many whispers about. Apparently they use high French butter to create these flaky yet chewy babies. Expensive at S$2.80 for the plain croissant but it was worth the immense joy. Check it out if you are ever in the Holland/Bukit Timah area!
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Time for some yummy mazesoba which apparently uses Japanese ingredients but was invented in Taiwan. It is dry ramen with delicious minced meat, topped with an onsen egg that you break and mix into the wonderful concoction. If you haven't tried it before I'll suggest you do! They can be found in Kajiken, or the main branch of Kajiken at Boat Quay called Ramen Matsuri.
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One more try at the interim hawker on market st! This is a super traditional dish from Singapore that I doubt can be found elsewhere other than Malaysia. Mee tai mak (rice noodles shaped like a mouse's tail) with handmade bouncy fish balls cooked in ikan bilis and soya bean broth which is sweet and savoury much like Japanese dashi. Simple, but delicious!
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Ignas Pečiūra 3 days ago
This looks so interesting!!!😍
There's a new interim hawker centre just beside a Telok Ayer MRT after the famous Golden Shoe Hawker had to be shut down in way of progress! 63/65 hawkers moved, including the Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee which I tried ytd. It's not quite there in terms of taste or uniqueness in my books, but the queue might tell you otherwise! Be prepared for snaking long queues if you go from 12-1 but after 130pm it is much more relaxed.
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Alexis Cheong 1 week ago
Do you love poke bowls as much as the average PMEBs in the CBD? Because 3 poke bowl stops within walking distance is quite something! I tried out a newly opened Poke Lulu at Oxley Tower cos I had 1-for-1 Entertainer and it surpassed my expectations. Super generous and varied ingredients plus free kimchi topping at the side. Hmmm maybe I'll go back again this Friday πŸ˜‡
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Do you know that if you order an iced latte at Kith they give 4 shots of espresso? Haha. Their regular latte is just 2, thank goodness. And I could do with a big cup of caffeine love this Monday morning! Have a good week ahead peeps.
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The best Cuban sandwiches in town, and they are 100% halal! Seriously. The cheesesteak cubano is the bomb!
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Alexis Cheong 1 week ago
A small preview to a new sake bar my friend is opening up on Telok Ayer St! It's so new there isn't even a location tag and I'm not supposed to announce anything yet 🀐 but the sake selection there is awesome - the Nambu Bijin (middle bottle) is award-winning and so drinkable! Do u guys like to drink sake?
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This might not look like much because the lighting is horrible, but I found a Chinese "speakeasy" restaurant in Plaza Singapura inside Lokkee restaurant at Level 3 which you have to enter from an unlabelled side door. They have special items like the Crocodile Paw but we only tried their Mala Irish Duck which was friggin fantabulous. Highly recommend anyone in SG to check out this experience! Older Chinese folks won't like it though so please steer them away....
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Happy Thursday! A healthy good bowl of acai smoothie with berries and nuts really hits the spot after exercising, which was what I did yesterday! Now if only I can have a bit of this for breakfast....
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Francesco Sisco 2 weeks ago
An healthy flag!
This looks so pretty and tasted even better! A special national day peanut butter latte (they were aiming for red and white) by The Autobus, the peanut butter flavour is fragrant and not too sweet. Best part is there's no coffee in there so you can have as much as you want!
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My colleague from the Philippines is here in SG for two weeks and one of his fav cuisines is Thai so I brought him to my fav Thai eating place at Golden Mile Complex (Little Thailand). He ordered the rather uncommon Shrimp Paste fried rice (his fav dish in PH) which Beer Thai had and he said it's approved! Yay. The restaurant will be closed the next 3 Mondays of August too so we are lucky!
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It was my sister's wedding yesterday and we woke up super early for the church and lunch reception. But it was the traditional Chinese wedding dinner with the suckling piglet that was the highlight for me. The skin was downright divine! A rare treat!
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