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Small Business Marketing

Auckland - New Zealand
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Er Avinash Mahajan 10 months ago
Could anyone please tell me what is email marketing?
Rakesh Bhat 10 months ago
Hi Connor,what business are you into?
Connor Richmond 10 months ago
Anyone have full service marketing solution recommendations? Like to just outsource my marketing as a whole?
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Niket Chawale 10 months ago
Yes, I had every parameter of marketing.
Brian Soans 10 months ago
Niket Chawale 11 months ago
Hello Everyone,
I am Running a freelance Digital Marketing and Advertising company. I have also tied up with some IT companies. So everyone can pass me the related work. I will pay consulting fees for each work.
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Evert Smit 10 months ago
Hi Niket
I Am a social Media Marketing Agency in South Africa i do all FB social media marketing i do wordpress design of sites and themes
Niket Chawale 10 months ago
Hey Evert, I would like to hear some more things from you. Can you contact me on whats app?
Contact number is +918275553377
Ché-Marc Edwards 1 year ago
Also checkout this mobile app I'm working on. Would love some feedback, even the bad ones. Lol.
Ché-Marc Edwards 1 year ago
Just a young marketer from a third world country trying to learn everything I can from this group.
Austin Sieben 1 year ago
I suggest Hubspot CRM, it's 100% free and would be a great place to start!
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Abhishek Basu 1 year ago
I am looking for a good crm software for my company - we are an automobile dealership located in Mumbai, India.
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Abhishek Basu 1 year ago
Thanks Austin & Paul for the suggesations,i will definitely do a research & implimement one of them
Austin Sieben 1 year ago
Welcome 😊
Austin Sieben 1 year ago is wonderful! Definitely going to try it ⚡🚀🏆
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
Hey! I'm quite excited about this - 2SIX Media have launched the first issue of our #SmallBusiness #Magazine, #SNAP
It would be great if you could check it out, have a read, and if you like it maybe #share it with your friends.

#News #Business #Insights #Marketing #Advertising #Web
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Elvis Mulowa 1 year ago
We repair calibrate and install weighbridges
Elvis Mulowa 1 year ago
Hello am in scale business in southern Zambia
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
Hey Everyone, feel free to TUNE IN @MattTheMrktr casting about 'The 4 Easiest Ways to Kill Your Startup' on @ZCastApp
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
That would be great Paul, It'd be great to see it in action
Paul Renshaw 1 year ago
Hey Matt, it's so easy to use. There are a couple of improvements they could make, but it is perfect for small business, espescially those just getting used to digital marketing.
I've just started a new business and will be using Autopilot to save me lots of time and really engage potential customers automatically. If I remember I will do some screencasts and share them when I do my setup.
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
Hey Paul! How do you find autopilot? I see there ads everywhere at the moment. It looks really attractive
Paul Renshaw 1 year ago
Looking forward to great conversation. Thought I'd share my favourite tool at the moment check it out (promise I don't work for them)... I look forward to answering some small business marketing questions.
Fatimah Abdou 1 year ago
Ll try it