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Small Business Marketing

Auckland - New Zealand
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Er Avinash Mahajan 8 months ago
Could anyone please tell me what is email marketing?
Rakesh Bhat 8 months ago
Hi Connor,what business are you into?
Connor Richmond 8 months ago
Anyone have full service marketing solution recommendations? Like to just outsource my marketing as a whole?
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Niket Chawale 8 months ago
Yes, I had every parameter of marketing.
Brian Soans 8 months ago
Niket Chawale 9 months ago
Hello Everyone,
I am Running a freelance Digital Marketing and Advertising company. I have also tied up with some IT companies. So everyone can pass me the related work. I will pay consulting fees for each work.
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Evert Smit 8 months ago
Hi Niket
I Am a social Media Marketing Agency in South Africa i do all FB social media marketing i do wordpress design of sites and themes
Niket Chawale 8 months ago
Hey Evert, I would like to hear some more things from you. Can you contact me on whats app?
Contact number is +918275553377
Ché-Marc Edwards 10 months ago
Also checkout this mobile app I'm working on. Would love some feedback, even the bad ones. Lol.
Ché-Marc Edwards 10 months ago
Just a young marketer from a third world country trying to learn everything I can from this group.
Austin Sieben 11 months ago
I suggest Hubspot CRM, it's 100% free and would be a great place to start!
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Abhishek Basu 11 months ago
I am looking for a good crm software for my company - we are an automobile dealership located in Mumbai, India.
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Abhishek Basu 11 months ago
Thanks Austin & Paul for the suggesations,i will definitely do a research & implimement one of them
Austin Sieben 11 months ago
Welcome 😊
Austin Sieben 11 months ago is wonderful! Definitely going to try it ⚡🚀🏆
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
Hey! I'm quite excited about this - 2SIX Media have launched the first issue of our #SmallBusiness #Magazine, #SNAP
It would be great if you could check it out, have a read, and if you like it maybe #share it with your friends.

#News #Business #Insights #Marketing #Advertising #Web
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Elvis Mulowa 1 year ago
We repair calibrate and install weighbridges
Elvis Mulowa 1 year ago
Hello am in scale business in southern Zambia
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
Hey Everyone, feel free to TUNE IN @MattTheMrktr casting about 'The 4 Easiest Ways to Kill Your Startup' on @ZCastApp
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
That would be great Paul, It'd be great to see it in action
Paul Renshaw 1 year ago
Hey Matt, it's so easy to use. There are a couple of improvements they could make, but it is perfect for small business, espescially those just getting used to digital marketing.
I've just started a new business and will be using Autopilot to save me lots of time and really engage potential customers automatically. If I remember I will do some screencasts and share them when I do my setup.
Matt Nicholson 1 year ago
Hey Paul! How do you find autopilot? I see there ads everywhere at the moment. It looks really attractive
Paul Renshaw 1 year ago
Looking forward to great conversation. Thought I'd share my favourite tool at the moment check it out (promise I don't work for them)... I look forward to answering some small business marketing questions.
Fatimah Abdou 1 year ago
Ll try it