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What tools do you use for your startups? Ask questions, gets tips and advice.

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Rohit Bhatia 8 months ago
I have a start-up in India. I am a fashion designer and i want to understand the effective marketing tools that inflate our sales. We make clothes for woman. We have a website: www.ochresky, an Instagram and a Facebook page by the same name which gave us great response in the first year but decreased subsequently. This is our 4th year in this industry . Any leads or pointers that generate sales in the fashion industry? We would love to go global.
We used to give our stocks to the big local stores in Delhi, India but its a manipulative industry out here. They usually out our labels and put theirs and sell which abstrain from the consumer to know who we are . That will never make us big so we sell in exhibitions and try to reach the consumer ourselves. We don't have a physical store. We work only through exhibitions and our website.I know that our product has the capacity to make it very big. We work with the artisans and create organic cottons and work on it in-house. Our strength is simplicity and price points. The consumer buys our product when they touch and feel it and see the impeccable finish in exhibitions but we can only reach out to a few; being so small. Please feel free to ask questions. I have dedicated this life to crack this and make it big. Thanks.
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Rohit Bhatia 8 months ago
Any Advice people?!
Yogesh Muthreja 7 months ago
Hey Rohit. Is your problems resolved?? Let's connect if you still need help, will love to help you overcome the challenges.
f fff 8 months ago
hiw do i get started in a startup if i have nt done one before? thank u in advance
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Omry Levy 8 months ago
Hi there, I’m coming to Berlin next week and would like to meet with startup that looking for front end developer (or full stack). Thanks πŸ‘
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Kas Schnitzel 9 months ago
Hi everyone, I am new to this app but would like to give it a shot as I am always excited to try new platforms:
In the new start up I'm working for, I have to build an online community for a sharing economy business. I am looking for some inspiration or best practice sharing - perhaps friends from Pepo would have suggestions? Also, are there tools for that?Thx! :)
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Jason Goldberg 8 months ago
Love this Kas Schnitzel -- perfect explanation! One of our long term goals with Pepo is to empower the community to really own and direct the platform.
Kas Schnitzel 8 months ago
Interesting Jason Goldberg! What suggestions do you (and anyone else) have for building an active community for a platform?
Also, are there any tools / models anyone has used that helped build a community?
Pranjal Jain 9 months ago
We are currently working very hard on our startup. What is the best marketing strategy to get first 10,000 users to use our services
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Jason Goldberg 9 months ago
What does the company do? What is the product?
Steven Langley 9 months ago
Sounds like some careful outlook programming could sort that
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Ronak Rajani 9 months ago
Hey guys
I'm looking for a tool that can help me with following
Maintain employee joining dates and give reminders for salary payments
Maintain list of clients on monthly retainers, dates and company info and fixed amount and variables and help generate invoices and alert for payment follow ups
Ronak Rajani 9 months ago
Thanks Paul. Will check it out.
Richard Eib 9 months ago
Ronak, I would recommend ZoHo CRM, ZoHo Books and ZoHo People - all three solutions can be easily integrated and will help you manage all requirements you listed
Rahul Jain 10 months ago
Hello all..I am running a start up in employee wellness domain. We are operational and working with several corporates. Looking for co founders who can help me in taking the business to next level.
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Suren Saini 9 months ago
What do you exactly do? I am working in the same domain. Would be keen to explore.
Ayondeep Ganguly 8 months ago
Pls whats app me ur details on 9555-9555-95
Kalpesh Jain 10 months ago
Hello any one with good prototype I would like to co-work #startups
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Ignas Pečiūra 10 months ago
Hi Kalpesh, I've removed your message containing your phone number - it is against our Public Channel rules.
Ignas Pečiūra 10 months ago
You can always contact other Pepo users via Direct Message (you have to follow each other).
Aabhaas Gupta 10 months ago
Hey, this is Aabhaas... I am a startup owner. Our business deals with IoT based devices. I just had the website for my company designed. I do not know how do I move forward with the marketing and sales of my products. If only some of you could visit my website ( ) and provide me with your Invaluable feedback and maybe some suggestions. Thanks in advanced.
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Vishal Singh 9 months ago
Not being rude, your website is hideous on mobile. Please get it done by a professional (like me). Also your products page is tough to reach.
Aabhaas Gupta 9 months ago
Yeah, thank you Mr Vishal, for taking the time. Actually it was my first draft and, I kinda had to get a review from some one. I'll upload the latest one soon, which is completely different and bug free. And sorry for the mobile thing I'll fix it too. Please feel free to give me any more suggestions if you have without worrying about being rude. Thank you.
Aniruddha Maurya 10 months ago
People..I want to develop an app based on one to one chat but, only two members can couples..have no coding knowledge..which platform can develop it for me in less price..
Ashish Mehta 10 months ago
What budget you have??
Paul Renshaw 10 months ago
I second Firebase. Good shout Sandip.
Ahmed Accoush 10 months ago
Thanks for the advise but my business is an E-Commerce business and the commission is well known to my service provider, so he will build his network then communicate to the clients to directly contact him for a cheaper price. What do you think?
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ε°€ε‚‘ε…‹ 10 months ago
First step tell to Julie whole the situation and how you feel. Second step agree with her for long term win win cooperation. Third step promise lower market price to this customer and let him sign exclusive agreement. Hope above help you and your pal.
Ahmed Accoush 10 months ago
Appreciate to help me understand how to avoid this case to happen
Michael Flores Martin 10 months ago
Find out how this information got to your client and avoid a similar situation arising again. Do not train her yourself and cut out your partner the relationship with your partner is more important than losing a 25% commission. Tel the client you may not cut out your partner and if you feel you will lose the client in any case just wave your commission and let your partner keep the client for good relations if possible.
Ahmed Accoush 10 months ago
One of my personal training customers has been working with Julie for a few months and is very happy with the results. Julie is one of my contractors and also has her own clients. When Julie works with a customer, I take 25 percent of the fee and pay 75 percent to Julie. Recently the customer approached me and said, β€˜Amy, I’m very happy working with Julie, and want to continue doing so, but I realize that I’m paying an extra cost because she is affiliated with your firm. Can I train with Julie independently and pay less?’

What should I do? I don’t want to lose my customer.
Shekhar Gupta 10 months ago
U need to keep the customer's Goodwill. The only thing which can be done in this situation is that Julie tells the customer that she cannot accept u are a valuable business to Julie and make her understand that she needs to take this stand as this will be beneficial for both in the long term... If she can take this stand, it would be make your partnership more trustful. She needs to understand this.
Ahmed Accoush 10 months ago
The below scenario is what I'm expecting to happen
Ahmed Accoush 10 months ago
Hi everyone, I have a small issue that may rise in my upcoming startup business and wanted some help
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Suren Saini 9 months ago
What's the issue?
Anurag Prajapat 10 months ago
Hi, would like to know: an open source Chat system like which I can use to attend visitors in my website
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Ashish Mehta 10 months ago
Ruby on rails
Bhuwnesh Shrivastava 10 months ago
Paul Renshaw 11 months ago
I use:

Citrix Podio for project management, internal and external collaboration, messaging, document sharing, collecting info on web forms. Replaces Trello and Slack and does a whole lot more including automated business workflows.

ActiveCampaign for CRM, email marketing and marketing automation. Replaces the need for separate crm and email marketing e.g. hubspot and mailchimp.

Webflow for web design and development. Check this out if you're a more involved web designer or web agency.

Zendesk for live chat and customer support (including social support), and support documentation (e.g. faqs). Chose this over using and Help Scout.

Zapier for automatically sending new data between applications and performing automated tasks simultaneously. Look at PieSync if you want to synchronise data between applications (including historic which Zapier doesn't do).
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Paul Renshaw 11 months ago
And PandaDoc for sales proposals and application forms that require e-signatures and rich media along with payment (through integration with Stripe).
Steven Langley 11 months ago
Any front Enders aware of a means of auto starting PPT online? I want to create a health and safety induction site for our hotels so new staff can log on
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Ashish Mehta 10 months ago
There are good online collaboration tools - ideaboardz is free and Trello you can earn free membership months when people join on your request. These tools are very helpful to track requirements, to do list, brainstorming sessions. Building transparency is good
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Steven Langley 11 months ago
Full time or part time ? Remote work or in the office?
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Hans Morano 11 months ago
I'm looking for a digital marketing assistant. Any idea?
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Paul Renshaw 11 months ago
Hi Hans, if you follow me I can send a private message to tell you more about myself regarding marketing and/or check out my linkedin profile
Evert Smit 9 months ago
Hi Hans will Help me check this out
Hans Morano 11 months ago
Hello everybody, a web app would be great.
Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
We are working on Pepo for web!
Steven Langley 11 months ago
Give me a shout Jason Goldberg if you want help with beta tests
Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
Thanks Steven Langley !
ChΓ©-Marc Edwards 11 months ago
Hey so I'm new to developing mobile applications amd would love some feedback. I know it needs alot of work still.
Steven Langley 11 months ago
Honestly- the content is so on focus - as long as it's all indexed do you need an expert?
Paul Renshaw 11 months ago
The need is for someone to consider how the content could be presented and technically configured so that it is more effectively indexed.

For example there are methods for suggesting to google specific categorisation of content and relevance to people's interests and search habits that its indexing may not necessarily consider without specific structure and definitions in the code as well as submission to certain google tools.
Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
Exactly. Thanks Paul Renshaw
Jason Goldberg 11 months ago
SEO: Hey everyone. We're getting set to launch web version of Pepo and getting all this amazing content indexed by Google. Do any of you have a recommendation for an SEO expert / consultant?

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Anurag Prajapat 10 months ago
Hi.. I am a SEO expert.. we can get in touch - Skype : anu42686
Ashish Mehta 10 months ago
Skype locashish
Pankaj Agarwal 11 months ago
Mailget for email marketing .
Rajesh Pabari 11 months ago
MightyText if u frequently make calls
Cameron Banowsky 11 months ago
Zeplin (
Protonmail Visonary package
Digital Ocean
Ghost Blogging Platform (
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Rajesh Pabari 11 months ago
Wunderlist for task management, team work
Rajesh Pabari 11 months ago
Anuya Tapikar 12 months ago
Hello everyone here. Am new here and stumbled upon this app. Hoping this one is as good as it looks!
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⚑Trello: Deliverables + Systems

⚑ Gdrive: Documents, storage

⚑ Slack: Client + Team Communication
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