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Stranger Things

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Updates and rumours about season 2

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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
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Chandra Challa 1 year ago
Omkaar Deshpande 1 year ago
I Saw the first season not at all Scarry.But nice picturization, casting..yeah still waiting for next season!!
Daniel Jacobson 1 year ago
Great show! Better if you know that it is an homage to 80s movies and can identify those classic scenes throughout.
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Mitch Landreneau 1 year ago
Just finished the first season last night. I'm usually not into sci-fi shows but the 80s nostalgia got me hooked. Really enjoyed it
Ira Merchant 1 year ago
A pretty good show. Very x files vibe to it. Not very scary but sure is thrilling. Waiting for the next season.
Love the show can't wait for Next season
Sal Matteis 2 years ago
Loved it.
Jason L Baptiste 2 years ago
What's the policy for spoiler warnings here?
Jason L Baptiste 2 years ago
Glad to be here Jason Goldberg ! Neat product so far
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Thanks! It's early but hopefully valuable!
Daniel Liss 2 years ago
Show has a fantastic soundtrack! And that font...❤️
Max Niederhofer 2 years ago
Too scary for my wife. Too little substance for me. Pass!
Matt Broffman 2 years ago
Thought it was good.... Probably even great. One of the few show my husband and I both enjoyed watching and are looking forward to the next season... Loved how 80s it was.
Bcf Ant 2 years ago
Definitely worth watching. Goonies meets ET.
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
Who are you? (We'll be switching to all verified real name users btw before public launch)
Akshay Mohite 2 years ago
Hey Jason, I watched it recently and did not find it interesting. It's not upto the mark being a sci-fi series.
Jordan Fish 2 years ago
It is good
Jason Goldberg 2 years ago
I've heard mixed reviews. What's your thoughts? I haven't watched yet myself. Although that I hear Americans my age mostly love it.