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With over 1500 restaurant, cafe and bar reviews in the Sydney metropolitan area, Does My Bomb Look Big In This? is Sydney's most comprehensive food blog. All that knowledge is now at your fingertips, right here on Pepo.

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This pretty little Pavlova ($15) was tarted up into something quite adult using sharp tangerine and orange blossom cream at Husk & Vine Kitchen & Bar. It's a controversially Australian dessert - the Kiwis claim it too.
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Swordfish Crudo ($23) at the brand new Husk & Vine Kitchen & Bar in Parramatta. It's part of the new Skye Hotel Suites development, set to open in August.

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Tzy Ling Tan 10 hours ago
Never tried swordfish raw. Looks delicious!
Watching dashi cook my wagyu carpaccio at the brand new Restaurant Plage. #reviewforthcoming
The Yummy Dogs stand is pretty cute too! Well stocked with Canadian relishes, jalapeรฑos, sauerkraut & more!
Lovely hot dog made from Queensland sausage with imported Canadian hot dog relish, jalapeรฑos, bread & butter pickles, tomato sauce and mustard by Yummy Dogs.
Starting the day off right with breakfast at the stylish Flying Egg - belies being in a train station! #reviewforthcoming
This big post of spicy deliciousness is Clams in Hot Chilli Oil ($28.80) at Wei Long Hakka Cuisine. Read all about them on my blog today:
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Brunch with a friend - good excuse to return to Morley Eats for another waffle!
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Sometimes I eat healthy food too ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Peking duck pancakes just popped up in my very Italian 'hood. Needless to say, I'm on the case... #reviewforthcoming
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Eating a very good rendition of lamb ribs at Husk & Vine - normally too fatty for me but these are well handled. #reviewforthcoming
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Sticky-sweet and juicy chicken meatball skewers are presented with onsen tamago (hot spring egg) for dipping at Umi Sushi & Bar.
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Spicy Kingfish Carpaccio ($16.80) at the recently updated Umi Sushi & Bar. It's the new jewel in the crown for Jessie Xiao & Terence Chau. Full review on my blog today:
Lunch at my favourite - Gou Sushi - in Surry Hills. Snapper, salmon and kingfish sashimi.
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Coconut Sorbet ($4) on a sunny winter's day.
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This is a Margarita ($9.90) and a Paloma ($9.90) at Hombre Mexican Cantina in Clemton Park. You can read a full review of this fast casual Mexican inspired restaurant on my blog today:
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Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Gelato Slider ($5) from The Commer at the WOW Children's Festival. #idonotevenhavekids
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Pineapple Quail Eggs at Wei Long Hakka #reviewforthcoming
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Betel Leaf Prawns ($10.90/4) at Koh Chang. This Thai restaurant is a newcomer to Clemton Park. It's been open just three weeks. Read more on my blog today:
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Squeezing in a second restaurant - Hombre Mexican Cantina... #ReviewForthcoming
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