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With over 1500 restaurant, cafe and bar reviews in the Sydney metropolitan area, Does My Bomb Look Big In This? is Sydney's most comprehensive food blog. All that knowledge is now at your fingertips, right here on Pepo.

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Today on my blog I finally get around to talking about Burwood Festival & the amazing eomuk I ate! I got a bit obsessed with finding out more about this Korean street food...
Tasmanian Scallops ($22) were tiny but packed with enough flavour to hold the line against two different textures of cauliflower broken up by capers and raisin at Dry Stone Restaurant.

Read all about it on my blog today:
Something awfully comforting about a schnitty by the sea at North Bondi RSL Club. Only schnitty I’ve ever eaten with a multi-million dollar view. #reviewforthcoming
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Shishlik Special ($25) offers up five slightly blackened lamb cutlets with the bones covered in foil for ease of eating at Shandeez in Fairfield. Read about this Iranian restaurant on my blog today:
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Burrata & Asparagus ($18) is definitely the short menu’s crowd-pleaser at Johnny Fishbone. Get the full lowdown on my blog today:
I ate this Lemon and Yuzu Mousse ($15) at The Nielsen. It’s a comparatively big portion so would be easy to share. Check out the full review on my blog today:
Check out this unique Kingfish Crudo ($20) at The Nielsen. It’s going to be the place to be this Summer! Get the full details on my blog today:
Fat, lightly charred slices of Fremantle octopus are drizzled with truffle oil, and then dragged through tiny mounds of pepper and salt at HaNa Ju-Rin.

Experience the full omakase menu here:
Clever kingfish & nahm jim dish at Akiba Canberra - funky modern spot. #reviewforthcoming
Tasting the range at Collector Wines in the historic town of Collector, NSW.
Drinking Mulled Wine ($5) at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra.
Eating a hearty chorizo breakfast at The Cupping Room - tried three different coffees too. #ReviewForthcoming
Treated to a dinner at the private residence of His Excellency the Ambassador for the King of Morocco this evening. Highlights included bakkoula (kale with Moroccan spices) and a traditional sweet & sour pastilla (chicken, pistachio & rosewater in filo pasty). Delightful to learn more about Morocco, and its cuisine.
Stilton Ice Cream ($5.50) by Frugii Dessert Laboratory - just amazing. Salty, cheesy, rich mouth-coating milky joy!
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Love the idea of savoury cannoli! These are from Cannoli Brothers at Capital Region Farmers Market.
It’s bold to call a dish “strange taste eggplant” but XO Restaurant nailed it with this one. #ReviewForthcoming
This four curd bavarese at The Restaurant Pendolino is a choose-your-own palate cleansing adventure of grilled Valencia oranges, blood orange sorbet, grapefruit custard and olive oil pastry crumbs.

Read the full review:
This BBQ Seafood Plate ($50) was the highlight of my meal at Lavico Italian Ristorante in Canterbury Leagues Club. Read all about it here:
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Still obsessed with vermicelli bowls as Sydney’s weather warms. This one is from Mum’s Table in Surry Hills.
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Cool cake with matcha interior by Bakedown.
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Owner Michael Fantuz arrives at the table brandishing a giant wheel of pecorino. He hand-mixes Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe ($19) with pecorino, pepper and olive oil, then serves it to you at Remy & Co. Pasta Bar....
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This endive dish at The Nielsen is making me very happy despite the miserable weather. #reviewforthcoming
The La Sen All-In-One ($18.90) is a generous collection of sugarcane prawns, pork skewers, spring rolls, and juicy, grilled pork meat on vermicelli noodles.
Delicious Portuguese-style Custard Tarts ($3/each) by Bellbird at Eat Your Heart Out Liverpool. I give the lowdown on my blog today, and if you read all the way to the end, there’s an opportunity for free food & booze tomorrow if you’re in Sydney.
So excited to finally be at Ha-na Jurin eating uni with Hokkaido seaweed. Possibly maxing out on sushi with the omakase menu. 🍣
Hanging roast Cantonese ducks at District 8 in Cabra-Vale Diggers. This multimillion dollar dining area is a bit tricky to navigate. Get my tips in my review:
After discovering Remy & Co. I decided to give Johnny Fishbone a whirl. This is fried ling. #reviewforthcoming
This amazing spread is from Platter Wonderland who you can read about on my blog today. Enjoyed it with three girlfriends & was surprised at how easy & enjoyable it made a catch-up with friends.
This dish at The Restaurant Pendolino was one of the most exciting things I’ve eaten in a while. It’s called Knodel and it’s a spinach & cheese dumpling in beef broth with roasted bone marrow. Still smiling!
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A colourful Vietnamese meal I enjoyed recently at I Love Pho in Crows Nest. My highlights were the chao tom & the Hanoi crispy spring rolls. Get the full lowdown here:
Beautiful bar cod - ate it last night at Saint Peter & I’m still smiling. Great meal!
Eating a Maray & bush tomato tart at Saint Peter. This is my favourite Sydney restaurant for a reason folks. Just go!
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Went looking for oysters in Narooma, found seals instead. Ended up at Ralston Bros. The Farm Gate in Batemans Bay. Top spot! Read about it on my blog today:
Pork belly tacos by Bellbird at Casula Powerhouse eaten at Eat Your Heart Out Liverpool today! #eatyourheartout
Grilled Swordfish ($18) at Pasticceria Caruso. The golden, pan-fried Swordfish steak is served up with garlic potatoes and a flavoursome cherry tomato, olive and caper salsa.

Read the full review on my blog today:
Continuing my search for the best fire chicken. This Cheesy Bul Dak ($38) is from @seoulria. Read how they fared on my blog today:
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Spiced Carrot Pudding ($17) dressed up with a maple cream cheese macaron, walnut praline and a smooth quenelle of buttermilk gelato in the rear at The Whale Restaurant.

Full review:
The Mixed Leaves ($8) at The Whale Restaurant arrives looking more like a growing plant than a salad. This regional gem is well worth visiting. Find out why on my blog today:
This is the Cheeky Doublecheese ($15.99) at Cheekyburger in Paddington. Read my review of this burger bar on my blog today:
Nice day for an icy treat! Loving this Coconut Lime Crush ($7) at La Sen Restaurant in Randwick! Stay tuned for a review in coming weeks! #reviewforthcoming
This weekend I’m eating Vietnamese, starting with this brightly coloured entree platter at I Love Pho in Crows Nest. #reviewforthcoming
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This Beef Two Ways ($38) at Redoak Boutique Brewery Cafe was delicious. They’ve been in operation for fourteen years. Find out why on my blog today:
Look at the layers in this mille-feuille! It’s from Pasticceria Caruso in Wetherill Park, which I visited today. #reviewforthcoming
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Continental Frankfurts ($6.40/5) from the German Butchery do a good job between two soft buns. With snapping skins, these pork sausages are very lightly smoked. Join my hunt for the perfect hotdog on my blog today:
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Trialing currywurst at home from a German butcher ahead of an upcoming review...
I made friends with rum at The Lobo Plantation guided by Daniel “Paris” Hilton. I drank two excellent cocktails & tried a Scottish rum. Intrigued? Check it out on my blog today:
Check out that crisp chicken overhang dripping in sriracha mayo. Read all about Harlem Heat ($15) at Burgers Anonymous X Hopstix on my blog today:
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Korean bul dak or fire chicken is my obsession. I’m giving Seoul Ria a go tonight. It’s got pineapple in it. #reviewforthcoming
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Last night I got my first look at District 8 - the brand new $19 million dollar hawker food precinct in Cabravale. Pretty impressive! #ReviewForthcoming
I ate the Italian answer to oysters Kilpatrick at The Italian Guild in Milton. To find out what’s actually on them you’ll have to read the blog:
Spaghetti being served at the table from a pecorino wheel at Remy & Co.
When in Gosford, drink True North ($16) at Remy & Co. Pasta Bar.
This is by Platters Wonderland - proved the perfect way to catch up with three girlfriends with some obligatory bubbles! #ReviewForthcoming
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