London - United Kingdom
It's an overused term, but to me it means using data mixed with creativity and continued testing/iterating/learning. Key to this mindset is gaining higher download to conversion/retention rates with little budget.
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What tools do you use for your startups? Ask questions, gets tips and advice.
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  • 830 is the premier source of European technology news, data analysis and market intelligence. We help you navigate a fragmented region with vast potential.
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Who's pushing art, commerce and technology forward? I'm looking for remarkable people to interview for a new series
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Jakarta - Indonesia
For all indonesian tech startup enthusiast, let's chit-chat, have fun, and collaborate together!
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How essential are patents to startups? Especially in the context of non hardware startups. When do they start to matter?
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I truly believe that Startups can transform our world for the better, but for that the founders themselves have to transform their inner world first. I am a founder myself and a Spiritual mentor for founders that are interested on this journey.
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