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A chat for people who like to stay fit. Share stories, tips, suggestions, photos, questions. Non gym posts will be DELETED and user BANNED from the group.
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Hey guys would be really nice if we share our healthy meals, including the calories that they contain ( if you know it) so we can try different tastes or actually improve our own recipes.breakfast,lunch, dinner, snacks and all kind of supplements
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Cluj-Napoca - Romania
If you are passionate about men style, fashion, trends, or you are just looking for some inspiration, join my group & post here what you like! website 👉🏼 & instagram account 👇🏼 @madalina.babalean
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - United States
Here are some exercises that you can do anywhere, using your own body weight.
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Turin - Italy
Some we love… But we don’t get close to them… as they are prettier from afar As they are higher from afar As they are more precious from afar
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everything about fashion and style, everyday is a fashion show the world is your runway
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Athens - Greece
Night Life, Local Tips, Local Food not for Tourists, Places and Things you have to see and do
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We are the Experts on our child! Through this Pepo channel I create a space where I bring my perspectives, methods I use and the challenges I face while bringing up my 2 of my life-lines. Feel free to share your tips, your learnings N challenges.
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Kharar - India
I am a very simple, god fearing, caring, understanding, trustworthy and kind hearted human being. I believe in the motto ‘Live and let live’. I hate liars. I am fun loving, down to earth and very much Optimist.
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West Palm Beach - United States
Share fitness tips,foods, workouts, etc
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Seattle - United States
Russ and I have been married for 21 years and live in Seattle, USA. We are passionate about traveling and are self proclaimed foodies. Join us as we travel the world searching out amazing new adventures.
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Pune - India
Cycle to Mulshi, Pavna, Panshet etc. All seasons and a Sunday Cycling group. Cycles and gear available from Road Master on rent.
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Pune - India
I love Squash sports. Channel is about squash awareness.
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Las Vegas - United States
Workouts and fitness motivation from a late 40s guy
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Toronto - Canada
Local Ladki, "ladki" meaning girl in Hindi, is a little bit of everything I love - fashion, food, music, travel + fitness. Have the same interests? Post away!
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Bengaluru - India
Travel, the most riveting experience of life. We all love traveling, exploring places, savoring new cusines, connecting with new people, new cultures, understanding new emotions and most importantly making beautiful memories. Come lets make memories
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New York - United States
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Denver - United States
Yoga brings together mind and body in ways that increase the strength and flexibility of how we think, feel, move, and relate. Though there are a variety of styles and poses to support this, everyone's practice is personal to them and welcome here.
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Doha - Qatar
Post everything about car & motorcycle race, show and events
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Belgrade - Serbia
Female fitness page🏋🏻‍♀️ Motivate yourself!
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London - United Kingdom
All talk on fitness and health, be that routines, advice or technology
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County Wicklow - Ireland
Welcome to Ireland! 1) Be kind and respectful to each other, no any kind of bullies. 2) Try to be happy and funny because you are landing in the field of ireland. 3) Enjoy your trip! 🌦⛈🌤☀️🌧
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DO YOU SEEK OUT A GOOD GYM WHEN TRAVELING? Let's keep a list of what hotels have great gyms and which don't. post tips. Ask questions. OFF TOPIC POSTS WILL BE DELETED AND USERS BANNED FROM THE GROUP.
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Gdańsk - Poland
Tiki Touring Kiwi embraces everything sports around the world as a spectator and player. Sports = life.
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Lisbon - Portugal
Brazillian living in Lisbon, Portugal. 25, work and study. Random day-to-day stuff here. Enjoy!
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Anything about basketball. nba talk. basketball games. basketball knowledge. pick up games. trainings. tournaments
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