We are gay couple Stefan and Sébastien travelling the world and this is our chat group of our gay discoveries, yummy culinary prizes, tips, travel advice and more.
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For Globetrotters, travelholics, world explorers, city dwellers, adventurers, armchair travelers and nomads
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Madrid - Spain
If you and your friends are coming to Madrid World Pride, this group is for you!
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A place for me to share and remember all of the places I've been
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Frisco - United States
Just a channel that shares what happens in life one day at a time.
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Gdańsk - Poland
Rainbow look at the world
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I travel around the uk and world see all the cool place that are great for LGBT community. I am a outgoing guy who enjoys life
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Come chat about the world, show your world Peace, Love & Happiness. Be apart of spreading the good vibes in this world and be apart of trying to heal the world. It only takes a second to be respectful and loving. "Love to conquer not to kill"
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A chat for models all over the world. Most handsome guys from any continent. Share your photos and make friends/mates who would share your passion of style and beautiful faces. 😏😉 ig: @geoffreykristof
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Just a general chat for gay guys who have worked on a cruise ship before and how to help those who want to join a cruise ship
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Le Mag Voyage Alternatif, c'est des conseils et bons plans sur plein de destinations toutes les semaines !
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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Indio - United States
Music Concert Gay Traveler /: Anyone going to Coachella or any major music festivals in 2017? This chat is to talk about any concerts or music festivals you have gone or going to.
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It's a chat where every person with a good mind and a big heart is welcome (LGBT/Goth/fashionista/tattoo addict/gymaholic/artistic/selfieholic....) We are here to coexist!🤗
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