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This channel is for friends who want to meet new friends in Verona, Venice, Austria or Munich Germany friends who can hangout and have some time together by sharing our cultures....
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This is for the soul searchers who crave adventure and sharing amazing landscapes and destinations they have explored. Share your moments. Keeping it country ⛰
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Pune - India
Cycle to Mulshi, Pavna, Panshet etc. All seasons and a Sunday Cycling group. Cycles and gear available from Road Master on rent.
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Photography anything under the sun. Enjoy life to the fullest! Collect moments and spread it to the world.💪🏽❤💋
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Istanbul - Turkey
I'm new here so I don't know what should i say I think I will share a good pictures :)
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About good things in life that trigger you, books, food, travel, pics, love, music. Etc.
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Šiauliai - Lithuania
Active lifestyle makes us more energetic, healthier, happier, shut down all the way to disease. Change bad habits into good, but it's difficult and requires a strong will. But ! Nothing is impossible and every one of us can !
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Palma - Spain
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Zürich - Switzerland
Meet here to discuss, love and rate the performances, performers and their outfits at the Eurovision Song Contest. While we wait for the next edition in 2018, we debate on, suggest and analyse the world ESC in the past, now and in the future.
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Senec - Slovakia
Collie Rough kennel from Slovakia
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Al Maha Residence - Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates
Al Maha Residence Offers world class hospitality experiences which springs from years of experience in imparting world class hospitality. It is convinently located with easy access to City Center,which makes it one of the best connected Hotel of RAK
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This channel is for people to come and discuss about anything and everything. Talk. Discover. Grow. Make friends. Know me. Know others. Know yourself! Most of all, CONNECT!
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Monrovia - Liberia
one love to all my friends,fans and family
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What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
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Come chat about the world, show your world Peace, Love & Happiness. Be apart of spreading the good vibes in this world and be apart of trying to heal the world. It only takes a second to be respectful and loving. "Love to conquer not to kill"
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Are you recovering from an heart ache? What ever the reason, you don't have to go thru this alone. This room is for the broken hearted and for those who are healing. Let's heal together.
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the beatifull islands from Portugal.
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Gdańsk - Poland
Rainbow look at the world
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This channel is for people that enjoy traveling with a low budget. People who want to enjoy short trips and open minded to explore new things. I have been in 12 countries in Europe and I am willing to give tips and advice whenever you need it.
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People face many problems and challenges in day to day life and relationships. Me being a psychologist have seen many. Allow me to help you out and together let's design a beautiful Life.
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I'm planning a trip to Australia where I want to do guided healings meditations while filming the ocean 💙💚💙 Way too many animals, humans and nature are hurting. I believe that love and positive energies have the most amazing healing effects 🙏
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I want to learn English who will help me please
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Novaci - Romania
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