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Musings from one shore to the other. A little corner for those who love exploring countries and cultures with happy bellies and good food.

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Meanwhile, I loooove dim sum! Here's a lux dim sum platter from Hakkasan in Mayfair!
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Hi folks! I've been playing with my new DSLR cam and 35mm lens and want to know if you guys have any tips for new photography junkies like me! What tools do you have? Are you a Nikon or a Canon person?
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Rachel Ann 7 hours ago
I've got a mirrorless Panasonic that I love
This is where you get the best martinis in London!
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Anthony Coyne 1 week ago
Sticky chicken water melon middle salad my recipes served in punchards town race track
This sounds ultra yum! Perfect for lunch!
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Anthony Coyne 3 days ago
Sells really well
Past few days have been tough and I am dreaming of blue skies and a trip to calm things down. Don't you guys think it's great to take a break every now and again? I don't know about yous but travelling puts a sense of calm in me. Which is ironic because sometimes, the chaos that comes with organising trips can be damning. But I suppose it's all worth it. Where are you guys off to next?
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Honey de G 1 day ago
Ignas Peฤiลซra ooooh how long for?
Honey - one week, from August 28.
Had a nice walk along the river today and realised how beautiful my home city is. Have you guys been?
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It's beautiful! Just read the Big Ben will fall silent except for national events for the next 4 years due to conservation work :)
Honey de G 1 week ago
Swaminathan yes but still a lovely iconic thing to not be missed when visiting the city!
Anthony Coyne 1 week ago
Prawn pill pill chilli garlic rich olive oil
Here's another amazing dish!
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Anthony Coyne 1 week ago
Rachel Ann 1 week ago
Mmm looks delish
Beef short rib with purple potatoes. Yes, purple! They're pretty native to Peruvian cooking and they're just as nice as normal tots! Have you ever had purple potato?
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Anthony Coyne 1 week ago
Tempura batter fish tacos roast garlic and mint aioli mango salsa apple and fennel slaw
Exactly what I'd love to have right now!
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Anthony Coyne 1 week ago
Your ever in Dublin I'd feed u no worries
Honey de G 1 week ago
Tried a Malaysian rendang curry recipe today and it was yuuuum! Possibly not as authentic but it was delicious!
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Honey de G 1 week ago
Hi folks! I just bought a Nikon D5600 and I'm currently having a play with it. My fave subject so far is my best friend of a Bichon Frise, Dino! Any photography tips would be much appreciated guys!
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What's your fave type of steak? Mine's a good rare fillet, and I absolutely love Goodman steak in London!
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An organised protest in London to save the foxes and the badgers complete with police escorts. It was loud but peaceful and effective. Made me think weather fur coats are worth killing the ecosystem for.
Honey de G 1 week ago
Winner winner chicken dinner! Been craving for a good chargrilled chicken the whole week! Nando's does the trick!
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There's a few common misconceptions about Sardinia that I'd like to break. The first is that it's expensive to travel here. It isn't, it's as expensive as the rest of Italy and cheaper than many other places in Europe. A bit of smart and advanced planning, i.e. booking flights or ferries in advance, helps. Just as avoiding travel in the super peak month (August). The other is that Sardinia is all about beaches. Yes, beaches here as the best one may find in the world. And I've been posting mostly beach pictures because it's summer. But there's so much more here - the nature, cities and villages, archeological sites, food, wine (top quality wine) and beer, cultural events and festivals and the glorious hikes. If you decide to visit, you know who to ask!
I would love to visit Sardinia, too!
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Anthony Coyne 1 week ago
Food is a passion of mine I follow my dream it makes me happy
Me too!
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One thing I love from European classic menus is roasted quail. Hop on to my blog to see this great fowl presented by The Don restaurant in London!
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Honey de G 1 week ago
Some of my favourite skincare products for this season! Do you guys like skin care too?
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Rucha Bhat 1 week ago
Ohh yes I have loads of body shop products !
Honey de G 1 week ago
Rucha Bhat I like some of their products too!
Aussie and Japanese Wagyu, USDA short rib, prawns, shrooms and chicken. *burp*
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