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The Patience Project

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Patience has always been a mystery to me, and I have no patience for mysteries. Until now. I've created a patience project where I am searching for the answers on how an impatient person can best learn how to be patient. I hope you'll join me.

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Sarah Bryden-Brown 2 years ago
Working on a strategy for managing impatience when you are scared or fearful of something you imagine/think/believe might happen. I'd love your thoughts suggestions on how to cope in such a situation.
Sarah Bryden-Brown 2 years ago
If you are curious as to how an impatient person can learn patience in an impatient way, I may be able to
help. I'm underway with a patience project. Today's discovery is that finding strategies for playing the waiting game are crucial!

Do you have a favorite strategy for playing the waiting game? How do you manage waiting or coping with difficult people or dealing with uncertainty?
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Sarah Bryden-Brown 2 years ago
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Sarah Bryden-Brown 2 years ago
If you have any insights, tips or mantras that have helped you learn to be patient, not just slow down your impatience, but truly taught you patience so it becomes second nature, I'd love to hear what they are.
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barbara gulten garis 2 years ago
Hi Sarah, I wrote 'identify and anticipate triggers' - not sure where identity came from. Long term, if one does not acknowledge and identify their triggers no amount of zenning out will help. It's like prescribing pain killers and the patient feels better, but never finding the root cause of the pain.
Sarah Bryden-Brown 2 years ago
barbara gulten garis sorry! I read that incorrectly. You are so right. I have been researching role models and I'm working on creating strategies to help identify and anticipate triggers. I'm finishing a piece I'm writing on that process and will share here.

If you have any suggestions or experiences on how to identify and anticipate triggers I'd love you to share them here.