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See the world on your own. Make friends around the world. Share your favorite destination, hotels, airlines and transportation, and travel tips for other solo travelers.

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Umesh Vaidya 11 months ago
What is this ...?
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Kartik Moorthy 1 year ago
Hi I am Kartik, 26, here from Singapore. Trying out this app today. Dunno how it works. Lol. I am actually Travelling to Orlando/Miami this November. Been to Orlando before. Anybody who is willing to Co join my trip or even free to meet up during my vacation will be a pleasure. Hit me up if you are keen :)
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Manolo Army 1 year ago
Where is your next destination?
Amiral N'zo 1 year ago
Manolo Army 1 year ago
Anyone been to Sri Lanka?
Manolo Army 1 year ago
Thinking of taking a trip on your own? Join our group and connect with fellow solo travelers. Ask travel questions about your future destination, what to do, where to eat, what not to try, the must see places to go.
Let's also help each other safe while traveling.
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Manolo Army 1 year ago
Hi TST,Post your dream destination!