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Hello and lovely to e-meet you! I'm the writer behind The Foodie Diaries and this is where I share my latest and greatest discoveries, from food and travel to culture and lifestyle. Grab a fork (or a map!) and join me on my next adventure!

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Started the day at Bombay Gym - a bastion of old world charm in Fort, Mumbai! Love the cosy corners and nooks of the Club, with period & mosaic detailing...
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About last night's smashing gin & tonics at Toast and Tonic, a buzzy new restaurant in BKC, Mumbai! Dinner swayed between hits (starters & afters) and misses (mains were disappointing).... but it's definitely worth checking out the restaurant for their fabulous gin infusions, small plates & buzzy vibe!
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Ayushi G 2 days ago
The Table, Mumbai, India
Started the weekend early with brunch at my forever favourite, the Table Mumbai! The truffled scrambled eggs here are just divine (served on a crusty sourdough toast!)
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Not the most stunning looker, and a bit of a stinker too... yet it's one of the most sought-after and costly Thai fruits on the market! Any thoughts on these contentious durians?
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Ayushi G 3 days ago
Hi guys,

Some thrilling news - I've been shortlisted in a competition initiated by the Mayor of London, aimed at showcasing the phenomenal culinary diversity of London!

It would mean everything to have your support (i.e. VOTE) to help my nominated entry become London's official dish. It's the fabulous knafeh dessert at The Barbary.

Here's the link:

Thanks a ton,

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Not too shabby a return on Thai Air ! Desserts came complete with a Thai speciality involving sweetened peanut paste wrapped in a glazed and glutinous coating !
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Ayushi G 1 week ago
Mr. Shake, Thailand
Bubble tea on the go in Bangkok! I chose an offbeat Taro flavour (with lots of sweet & chewy pearls of course!)
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Ayushi G 1 week ago
Yenly Yours, Thailand
Ok you guys. Seriously can't get enough of mango sticky rice in Bangkok!! It's my go to snack throughout the day, the condensed milk on top completely makes it!
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Found this in Siam Paragon's Gourmet Market - coconut & charcoal ice cream made with naturally sweet Thai coconuts and coconut milk! Amazing!
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More desserts . This time a croissant doughnut with vanilla ice cream, custard and salted caramel glaze at Vanilla Brasserie, a monochrome chic bistro in Siam Paragon Mall!
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.... and this happened post dinner. Vanilla soufflΓ© filled with passionfruit. Topped with liquid nitrogen green apple popcorn & lots of chocolate sauce! Divine!
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About yesterday's high tea during my friend's wedding in Bangkok! While the couple took their pheras, we indulged in this incredible selection of macarons featuring gajar ka halwa as one of the fillings!
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Ayushi G 1 week ago
Bangkok, Thailand
Sawadeka Bangkok! Strolling along the incredibly well connected skywalks - such a brilliant way to explore the centre of the city!
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We also found these incredibly adorable ice creams at one for the parties - sourced from a local vendor!
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Ayushi G 1 week ago
Bangkok, Thailand
Can't come to Bangkok and not have this signature specialty ... mango & sticky rice with ALL the condensed milk! It's available across the streetside kiosks, but on this occasion I tried it at a friend's wedding (ongoing at Grand Hyatt!)
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 1 week ago
Ayushi OMG life!
Ayushi G 1 week ago
Swaminathan Jayaraman πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Here's another tip, especially handy if you don't have time to visit all the bustling markets of Bangkok. Eathai at the Central Embassy mall recreates the experience indoors - right down to individual kiosks & stalls. The food hall is as attractive as the luxury shops in the mall too - see my previous post about all the exotic fruits on offer!
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In Bangkok for the next few days! I'm here to celebrate a big fat Indian wedding, so stay tuned for lots of highlights.... but first, can we talk about Thai fruits? From durian to rambutans and mangosteen - I just can't get my fill of these exotic wonders!
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Ayushi G 1 week ago
Gustoso, Mumbai, India
We don't put the cheese in pasta... we put the pasta in cheese! Have you guys checked out Gustoso in South Bombay yet? A family-friendly spot for indulgent Italian food πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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  • Holy cheese! 4
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Guys thrilled to announce that my photo of the knafeh at the Barbary has been nominated as London's official dish! It's part of the competition run by Mayor of London, encouraging Londoners & tourists alike to vote for the dish which they believe best represents the fantastic diversity of food in London! Have you tried this dessert before? It involves a melted mix of mozzarella and goats cheese hidden within a birds nest of deep fried kadaif noodles. A scattering of pistachios adds a touch of nuttiness to it all, foiled by a lush fruit on top!
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Ayushi G 2 weeks ago
Foodhall, Mumbai, India
Who knew there are SO many different varieties of mango?! Have to confess, Alphonso is still my favourite!
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And here are the waffles at La Folie Lab's new bistro in Kamala Mills, Mumbai. Decked out with lots of Nutella ganache, chocolate chips, cookies & all sorts of other scrummy trimmings! Needless to say , we wiped the plate clean!!
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Tzy Ling Tan 2 weeks ago
That looks insanely good! You got me craving waffles now
Ayushi G 1 week ago
Tzy Ling Tan hee hee I just had a waffle fix at a cinema in Mumbai right now! I'm addicted 😍
About today's lunch at La Folie Lab's new opening in Kamala Mills, Mumbai! The simple bistro has a focus on fresh & pristine ingredients - don't miss the creamy burrata sandwiched between a crisp & buttery croissant! And of course, waffles are a must for afters... coming up in my next post πŸ‘‡πŸ»
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Ayushi G 2 weeks ago
Paris, France
Guys, I'm revisiting Paris on the blog today. There's an all NEW post and it's all about eating your way across this city of gourmands. Do have a read, it has some top tips from breakfast through to drinks & dinner:
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Monsoon magic in Bombay! Just got in earlier today. Stay tuned for lots of tasty adventures, with a sneaky trip to Bangkok planned for later in the week too (recommendations would be so very welcome!)
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Jason Goldberg 2 weeks ago
Enjoy Bangkok!
Ayushi G 2 weeks ago
Jason Goldberg thank you! Any top tips for me?
At the Grayson Perry preview party last night.... wacky and weird, but wonderfully relevant too, especially on election night...
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And here's the picturesque exterior of the Hind's Head in Bray !
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  • Charming 2
Heston Blumenthal's gourmet take on a lunchtime soup and sandwich! At the Hind's Head, you can choose between three and four course meals at lunchtime (we went for four of course!), with each dish reflecting the best of classic British cooking!
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  • Love Heston B! 2
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  • Michelin ✨✨ 1
Took the train up to Berkshire yesterday for lunch at Heston Blumenthal's Michelin-starred Hind's Head. It's set in a 15th Century ex Hunting Lodge, and recently introduced an eccentric yet endearing Royal Lounge upstairs - this is where our afternoon began, sipping cocktails and eating Heston's famous triple cooked chips!
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Have you guys ever tried Taiyaki before? That's a fish shaped dessert originating from Japan! At Bake on Wardour Street (in Chinatown, London) you can find taiyaki waffle cones filled with green tea ice creams... quite eye catching and scrummy too!
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Does My Bomb Look Big In This 2 weeks ago
Ayushi G 2 weeks ago
Does My Bomb Look Big In This it's pretty impressive!!
AND there were was a Mariachi band on hand too, to keep spirits high! What a spectacular evening at the launch of the Night Market , a must visit if you're in London this month.
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Next, it was on to the Cheese Truck for a classic cheddar toastie.. Utter bliss on a rainy day like today!
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Our first stop at the Night Market for London Food Month, was at Cinnamon Bazaar's colourful tent for ALL the street-style chaat! Nothing beats a plate of sev puri enjoyed in Kensington Gardens no less !
  • Chaat 😍 5
  • 😍 5
  • Must visit! 4
A toast to #London's diversity this evening at the stellar launch of the Night Market for London Food Month! It was a grey and rainy evening, but it didn't stop us Londoners from embracing the promise of summer at the Ketel One bar πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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