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Zipolite, Oaxaca - San Pedro Pochutla - Mexico
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Excellent Avocado Toast in Tulum, buy some good art while enjoying a good coffee
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When in Oaxaca definitely visit Monte Alban. This beautiful site can be reached by bus or taxi. Use a local guide at the entrance for 300 Pesos.
Arrived to Oaxaca, watch the vlog here
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Don't miss the beautiful Cathedral in Oaxaca and the Museum of Culture next to it
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The best coffee in Tuxtla is served at Aroma Express... just yummy 😋
Martti adores the view from the Museo de las Culturas towards Oaxaca
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One of the best Restaurant so far in Mexico, the Pitiona in Oaxaca . This is a smoke trout filet with vegetables .
Don't miss this place when in Mexico City
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New excellent coffee in Puebla. Cafe Catalina, try the Carrot cake
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After being another twelve days in Mexico City to finalize our list of sights to visit, we finally took the bus to Puebla. The beautiful colonial city with 1.5 million inhabitants is located only a 3.5 hours ride southeast from the capital.

After the first night in our Airbnb we slept in, had breakfast and a last cup of tea on our little terrace with a friend from Puebla. Suddenly everything started shaking accompanied by a numb growling. Just after having experienced the earthquake in Zipolite of a magnitude of 4.5 and a bit more than a week ago in Mexico City with a magnitude of 8.2, we were immediately realizing, «OK, another earthquake».

But this one was different. Eventhough when «only» a 7.2 on the Richterscale, it was much more intense. This earthquake was a horizontal one, means the earth goes up and down instead of sideways which would be a vertiacal tremor.

Numb and unable to move, we did not know what to do, also feeling secure and comfortable from the little effect on us during the last quakes. Suddenly our Mexican friend started yelling at us: «out out out, get down on the street, get down». Without thinking we ran down the spiral staircase from the first floor. While running down the strokes got really hard and we started to loose ground under our feet but got hold through the hand rail.

People came out of all the surrounding houses screaming. Glass was falling down and we heard dull noises of falling objects from far. All this took place in 20 seconds, 56 km underneath and 61 km away from Puebla City.

After a few moments on the street we went back to our terrace and finished our tea. No internet nor electricity was available. As no big damage occurred around us and as we could not figure out how strong the stroke was, we decided to start our tour and explore the city. Helicopters were circulating above us. We knew this already from the past from Mexico City, as they want to get a quick overview of any damages.

While approaching block by block the city centre we started to realize what had happened. By observing the fear in the faces of the people and the silent atmosphere broken by the sounds of helicopters, police and ambulance sirenes, we realized that this was not an ordinary earthquake.

We reached the Zocalo (central) area and saw collapsed friezes and parts of the facades of the historical buildings on the sidewalks. Huge pieces and bricks had become a deadly trap for those who flew out of the buildings.

We found a little churros stand which was still open. People stared at the two TV screens reporting live pictures of the capital of Mexico. Little by little we realized what terror had really happened. Eventhough we were close to the epicentre, damages here were not as heavy as in Mexcio City.

The super friendly owner of the shop offered us churros for free and the login details to get online. We connected and could inform our loved ones that we are safe. Even if in a state of shock, people started immediately to get organized to give shelter, help and assistance to those in need. This memory of the typical character of the Mexican people will remain in our minds forever!

Writing these lines one a day later, we have understood that we were emotionally shocked and actually did not realize at the moment what happened. Many were not as lucky as we were. So far around 240 have been reported dead, thereof 71 in Morelos and 43 in Puebla. Luckily, all our Mexican friends are safe and sound.

How lucky we were! Had we gotten up an hour earlier and started our discovery tour earlier, we might have been hit by a falling facade…

If you ever come into the situation of an earthquake, and you are in an 1 or 2 floor building, run outside! Always, as you never know how strong the stroke will be! If your are in a new building, hide under a table or a door frame.

Safe travels, always!
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Another earthquake in Mexico, a lot of damage this time. We are in Puebla, everything is ok. Our thoughts with the ones hardly hit by this.
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Don't miss this fantastic restaurant when in Mexico City. Very creative cuisine and fantastic french Rose wine 🍷 This time we had grilled sea bass with fresh Coriander salad.
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Don't miss the museo Tamayo in Mexico City, even the building is worth a visit and also the restaurant offers a beautiful terrace for a snack or coffee.
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The beautiful Teotihuacan in Mexico is definitely a place not to ne missed. The pyramid del Sol is the third biggest one in the world. Come early in the morning to avoid crowds and bring water, sunscreen and a hat.
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Nomadic Boys 7 months ago
Coooor 😍
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Don't miss this place for excellent coffee and all kinds of cake while in Mexico City, Centro Historico
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The best sourdough sandwiches and fresh smoothies in Lima are available at El Pan De La Chola.
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Definitely visit Punta Cometa in Mazunte for a wonderful sunset hike. Take a bottle of vine with you and enjoy a spectacular done by nature.
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The Punta Cometa is the sunthern most point in Oaxaca. Perfect for a sunset hike.
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The Way We Saw It 8 months ago
The Scruffy Italian yes, really a fun place
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Bang Bang is the place to be in Zipolite. Once or twice a week a DJ plays cool music for everyone.
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Sergio Scardia 8 months ago
Cool 😎
Before you eat anything, enjoy this, slightly warm
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A simple hut at the beach for almost nothing. The sound of the sea comes as a room amenity.
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Read our new Sifnos guide here
Martti at the Monestary Chrisopigi. We love the Cycladic Islands. Can't wait to see more islands. Which one is your favorite?
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Sergio Scardia 9 months ago
The Way We Saw It 9 months ago
The Scruffy Italian It is, simply amazing! Have you been to the Greek islands?
The perfect sunset spot on Sifnos is the Isalos beach bar. Try also their restaurant or just a snack or cocktail during the day.
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Sergio Scardia 9 months ago
Normally we don't visit Universities on our travels, but the University of Mexico City is definitely worth it. The whole campus is UNESCO world heritage. The picture shows the Central Library, decorated with an impressive mosaic.
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