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Top Secret Chicago Dining

Chicago - United States
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A little bit of everything about Chicago's thriving food scene. From high end coffee shops to award winning steakhouses, Chicago is so much more than hot dogs and pizza!

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There are honestly so many great steakhouses in Chicago that some of the best get forgotten! This one has one of the most reasonably priced menus I've seen and their food is both original and delicious.
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Had and excellent lunch the other day where I learned about Novo Fogo and Brazil's version of rum. Any Brazilians here who like to enjoy some cachaca?
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Pork and Mindy's just launched this sandwich called the Three Big Pigs, which features pulled pork, chicken fried pork, and candied bacon
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It needs to hurry up and be fall already so I can eat all the ramen I want without feeling like I'm going to sweat to death πŸ˜…
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I cannot stop eating macaroons! They're the happiest cookies ever!
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There's not much in this world that makes me feel as happy as a plate of freshly made pasta does.
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The dumplings at Imperial Lamian are so adorable I always have a hard time eating them!
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Chicago isn't just about deep dish pizza. Lately, wood fire pizza places have been booming. They can be infinitely customized and only have to cook for a few minutes. There's even spots that make gluten free crusts!
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Happy National S'Mores Day! What better excuse do you need to visit Chicago's very first marshmallow cafe?!?!
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Of all the crazy food events that happen around Chicago, the Fried Chicken and Champagne event has got to be one of my favorites. Last year, I discovered this blue champagne among the offerings. The color was gorgeous, but it was actually a little dry for my taste.
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The Legendary Burger at Hard Rock Cafe got a makeover! They now make this deliciousness with all local produce and locally baked bread. So happy to see big chains making changes like this!
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Not normally a fan of olives, but my God, these were a delicious snack!
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It's only Wednesday?! Pour me another one, please 🍸
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It may sound silly, but I do and always have loved the Hard Rock Cafe. As a former teenage rocker chick, it just always spoke to me. Sure, the food wasn't always the most exciting thing about going there, but that has all changed with their new Test Kitchen menu. All themed around local products and local tastes, this menu will be different from city to city and feature Chef inspired dishes, like this grilled walleye and roasted veggies with herb butter. I'm not even a big seafood fan and I could eat three of these in one sitting!
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These pot roast fries at Grand Lux Cafe satisfy ever primal food urge. Meat, cheese, and potatoes. Now that's good eating!
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: no one makes prettier sushi in Chicago than Yuzu.
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There's a reason this place is called "Best Ever Grilled Cheese."
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The Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago just launched their new Test Kitchen menu and I am in love. The Pizza Burger, inspired by Chicago deep dish, is not to be missed!
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You wouldn't expect to find mushroom and cheese dumplings at a sushi restaurant, but my goodness, am I glad they're here!
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We all love chocolate, but butter is the true way to my heart. This warm gooey butter cake topped with ice cream and strawberries is like heaven on a hot or a cold day.
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I don't save cocktails for the weekend. Monday's are what cocktails are made for. This delightful mix of blackberry, lime, and cava are just what the doctor ordered.
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Champagne S'more from Chicago's latest sensation, XO Marshmallow, an all marshmallow themed cafe.
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The bacon and Brie burger off the new summer menu at Grand Lux Cafe. If you like sweet and savory combos, this sucker is right up your alley!
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I was so excited last week when I finally got to check out one of Chicago's hidden speakeasies! The Drifter in the basement of the Green Door is tiny, but has the perfect kind of atmosphere for those of us looking for a little something retro and unique.
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For four days only Budweiser is hosting a burger pop up lunch joint, featuring burgers made by four of the best chefs in town. $5 gets you a burger, a side, and a beer. Literally cannot beat that!
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The garlic bread at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in action, getting its topping of blue cheese sauce.
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The sushi at Yuzu is so dang pretty, it makes it hard to eat it!
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I took some friends to a favorite neighborhood spot last week when the bartender asked if he could create a custom cocktail for me. Of course, I said yes. From a few prompts, he put together this amazing berry themed dessert cocktail with port, gin, lemon juice, and egg white. This is exactly why I love this place so much!
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