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London - United Kingdom
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Micole Lupo Bellocchio 3 months ago
where is a good sushi restaurant in london??
David Parsons 10 months ago
Off to London in sept any quirky things to do
Amrinder Gill 10 months ago
Suzie De Lange 11 months ago
Would so love this
Anuya Tapikar 11 months ago
Hi guys. Planning a trip to London this June with a 8 year old. He is a big fan of Marvel and DC along with Harry Potter and science thingies. Please recommend some interesting places for the kiddo
Dani Globetrottergirls 11 months ago
You'll definitely have to take him on the Harry Potter studio tour!! It's a little outside of London but there's a shuttle from Watford Junction.
David Balmer 10 months ago
The Tour for Muggles found on Trip Advisor is truly a great time! Highly recommend it
Ludz Onc 1 year ago
Wow I love London,but I love more my country Norway and Philippines..
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Rachin Kapoor 1 year ago
We would like to know what you love about London.
Greetings to the house
Mike D 1 year ago
Hello everyone, I'm looking to check out Notting Hill in August.
Ayushi G 1 year ago
Definitely make sure to visit Granger & Co for their pancakes:
Alvaro Gomez 1 year ago
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I going to travel London this weekend, somebody can tell me what I must to go? What is indispensable to see? Thank you for asking and sorry about my English
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I wrote this guide for a weekend in London, I hope it'll give you some ideas: Enjoy 😊
Alvaro Gomez 1 year ago
Thank you so much
Sylvia T Tembo 1 year ago
Oooh my, how I'd love to visit London
Cadis Bright 1 year ago
Hi guys
Rachin Kapoor 1 year ago
Welcome to London Travel chat.
Share your photos and experiences if you have been to London. Ask questions if you are planning to visit London.
Peggy Lu 1 year ago
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Peggy Lu 1 year ago
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Peggy Lu 1 year ago
Peggy Lu 1 year ago
Ivo Kosmacin 1 year ago
place to party? XOYO
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
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Ajay Mclennan 1 year ago
Anyone recommend any places to party in central London
Igor Manzer 1 year ago
Im new here
Igor Manzer 1 year ago
How are you people
Igor Manzer 1 year ago
Igor Manzer 1 year ago
Not much. Getting ready to go out, I'm so bored haha