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A wanderlust at heart I always wish I could travel more. The most beautiful wonders are often when you least expect it. I invite you to join me in sharing travel experiences and tips to enrich our lives and open our eyes.

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Next stop - Huka Falls enroute to Taupo. The view is amazing and the water rapids are pretty cool. Love it!
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Now we feast!! Some Hangi food we saw lifted earlier, an underground slow cooking method traditional to the Maoris.
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Visiting the Tamaki Maori Village for the experience. Interesting to see some Maori culture and learn about their history. The performance part was fun especially when audience got involved. All in all a good experience, I would recommend this one over the one in Rotrua town. Your ticket includes a hotel pick up (within area) and the whole tour departs from the Info Centre. The experience starts on the bus, then you get to the village and by the end of it there's a big feast!
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Tzy Ling Tan 3 days ago
After all the walking and hiking in the middle of winter it was nice to dip into a natural thermal spring nearby. The part where we had to run in the cold from the dressing room to the pool in bathers wasn't so fun but it's so nice and warm once you get in
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One of my favourite shots from this place. Some would say it's kind of much of the same but it's still a nice trail. Generally it takes about 2 hours if you do the straightforward trail, each point of interest is numbered so you know which way to go.
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Look at the colour of this pool!
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Nature is quite an artist. The colour from the sulphur and the lines just from water streaming. love it
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Plenty more mud pools and hot springs to discover, none of which you can step into and please don't touch because it is very hot. An amazing place to be though with great views.
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Lady Knox Geyser. Erupts about 10am everyday
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Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is definitely one to visit. Situated outside Rotorua it has some bubbling mud pools, geysers and colourful steaming puddles and lakes. Quite the sight. Here's some bubbling mud pools while we waited for Lady Knox Geyser to erupt. Stay tuned for more from this place.
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Another beautiful snapshot of our trek at the Redwood Forest at Rotorua.
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Hot steaming dumplings always gets my mouth watering. Especially on a cold night, outdoors at the Rotorua Night Market. Oh and there's live music at the end of the street too.
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My holiday philosophy - when there's a night market always go to it. Rotorua Night Market had fresh produce I wanted to buy but we didn't have a kitchen :-(
We did however eat our body weight in food from all the different stalls!
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Tzy Ling Tan 2 weeks ago
A trek around Redwood Forest just outside Rotorua town was a really good recharge for us. Lush and green, a very soothing sight for the eyes and the fresh air around was just....well, refreshing!
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More steam! A few more minutes deeper in and you will find this lake.
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Soaking my feet in this hot spring pool. Supposed to have lots of benefits and great for skin too from all the silica in the water.
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Took a stroll in Kuirau Park right in the Rotorua town centre to check out some hot springs and mud pools. Look at all the steam! The water is so clear and you can see all the cracks in the ground.
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Next stop: Rotorua. You can definitely smell the sulphur in the air as you approach the town. This beautiful lake was our lunch spot after checking in and picking up some fish & chips. Absolutely stunning
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Absolutely loved the replica Green Dragon Inn. Great feels. Your ticket price comes with a drink and you get to spend about half an hour here. Food is also available for purchase and the pies are pretty darn good. We had a classic pork pie too and it was very tasty!
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More of Hobbiton. It's simply picture perfect here
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Rachel Ann 3 weeks ago
I'd love to go here!
Tzy Ling Tan 3 weeks ago
It's really amazing. Loved my experience
And here it is - Bilbo Baggins' home! Just like the movies. The full tour takes about 2 hours including a stop at the Green Dragon Inn. Stay tuned.
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I think I see the Party Tree!! Hobbiton is stunning.
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Destination: Hobbiton. It is AH-MAZING!!!!!!!
Warning, possible spamming about to occur.
On our way down to Mata Mata from Auckland we passed by Matatoki Cheese Barn for some cheese and fruit breakfast. The view is amazing and there are some farm animals you feed (buy feed from shop only, please don't feed them random food). A very picturesque spot for enjoying cheese platters. They also do pies and sandwiches from lunch onwards but we were a bit too early for that. As for the cheeses, I'd say they're OK, not something to go out of your way for.
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Another deconstructed dessert by Milse, Auckland. This is Kalingo 60% chocolate - Hazelnut, Orange, Salted Caramel. So so good. Too pretty to eat but we ate it anyway ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Rhubarb, Vanilla, White Chocolate is all it says on the menu at Milse. A dessert house I was determined to get to. The ice cream pops look fantastic with unique flavours while their dessert menu comes with an element of surprise. All you get is a peek of the flavour profile. Great service, very nice desserts (we came back twice) and rather innovative. Highly recommend!
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New Zealand is home to many great beers so we couldn't pass up on some beer tasting. Here's a beer paddle at Brew on Quay in Auckland.
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Now that's a tasting!
Spent a morning at the Art Gallery learning about Maori art in Auckland.
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Kwan Ho Kim 1 month ago
Tibet, China
A lake on top of the world! This was last year in Tibet. The view is beautiful but actually we just went out of the van for short 30 seconds just to take this pic. The wind was so strong and the altitude was difficult as well ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

If you're wondering the lake is called Yamdrok!
wow this is absolutely phenomenal. so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing photo. I hope to see it for myself one day
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Kwan Ho Kim 1 month ago
Thank you^^ it was difficult because of altitude sickness, but that's a interesting experience by itself as well ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
Just wanna say I totally agree with this!! Elliot Stables, you are charming.
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Elliott Stables was one of the best finds in Auckland CBD, a food court of sorts with character. Order from any vendor and pick and seat anywhere. The cuisine variety is plentiful and the food is good. A great place to hang out!
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Tzy Ling Tan 1 month ago
This is my best travel buddy!! Just chilling in the park in Auckland.
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Just a beautiful day in Auckland. Walked aeound the CBD and came across this lovely view, just a regular park but we loved the feel so we stopped for a rest on the bench and took some snaps. Not bad at all for winter weather.
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Kia Ora Auckland. Kiwi land adventures began right here. Stay tuned for 2 weeks of amazing natural beauty, Lord of the Rings stuff and food, lots of food.
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Jason Goldberg 1 month ago
Hey Tzy Ling Tan! What's your #1 destination for a week of complete calm and solitude?
This is really tough for me to choose one. If you want the beach tropical life Langkawi is my go to, there are chalets away from the beach among a mini forest too but only 5 minutes drive from civilization. A complete opposite experience - I like Wales. A beautiful country with so many spots to collect your thoughts, Conwy/Snowdonia region being my fave for this purpose. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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My final meal in Malaysia before flying back to Adelaide. I'm always sad to leave and I'd like to say this meal made things better but instead I wanted to stay longer for the food hahaha. Bah Kut Teh is one of my faves. It's basically a Herbal Soup Pork Stew with veges, beancurd and different cuts of pork. So full of flavour, tender and delicious. Best eaten with garlic rice.
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Tzy Ling Tan 2 months ago
I was! Stopped by for 5 days after Japan. Just to eat really hahaha. I'm from Selangor. ๐Ÿ˜„
Lyf&Spice 2 months ago
Haha.. I understand Tzy Ling Tan ๐Ÿ˜†
Guess what! In 1Utama Shopping Centre, BU you can get Komugi Japanese cheesecakes. Their signature Hanjuku cheesecakes are ridiculously scrumptious cheesy light and creamy, exactly like in Japan. We tried the matcha, chocolate and original cheese flavours and they were all just as good.
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While I am on the topic of fish this was an amazing Nyonya Asam Curry Fish from Michele's Kitchen in Damansara Jaya. Asam is a tamarind based tangy flavoursome and fragrant dish made with a blend of spices and aromatics. Michele's kitchen is lile eating at your grandma's. They specialize in Nyonya and Hakka dishes and from the looks of it being a full house almost every night everybody loves it!
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Tzy Ling Tan 2 months ago
It's so good. We used to have another Nyonya restaurant near home and their sambal pucuk paku was the best!
Lyf&Spice 2 months ago
Tzy Ling Tan 2 months ago
More food adventures brought us to have XO Fish Head Vermicelli Noodles in a milky fish broth. It's served with thick vermicelli noodles, tofu, tomatoes, preserved vege and deep fried pieces od fish fillet or fish head.
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Lyf&Spice 2 months ago
Looks nice ๐ŸŸ been long since I'v had fish
Tzy Ling Tan 2 months ago
It was pretty good. Was obsessed with fish head noodles for a while back in college days.
Say hello to the King of Fruits! The most pungent fruit ever. You either like it or you don't and I love it. A very creamy fruit that is super filling.
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Lyf&Spice 2 months ago
Have had it a couple of times.. not really my thing.. nice click though ๐Ÿ˜Š
ok I know this is fast food but I gotta say - Texas Chicken fried chicken is so yum!! But who knew it's the biscuit that's the standout! So good the boys went down to get more biscuits!
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Aaaaand here's a grumpy cat to make your day. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ so cute!
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Lyf&Spice 2 months ago
One of the cute pups at Clawset Cafe, DJ
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Let's take a break from food to introduce you tho this amazing happy place - Clawset Cafe! It's a pet cafe where you can bring your dogs to play. There is a resident grumpy cat and a few dogs that do great PR work. Super cute and happy. Oh and it helps that they make great mocktails too!
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