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A wanderlust at heart I always wish I could travel more. The most beautiful wonders are often when you least expect it. I invite you to join me in sharing travel experiences and tips to enrich our lives and open our eyes.

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Jason Goldberg 12 months ago
Have you been to New Zealand? If so, could you recommend a 10 day itinerary?
Hi Jason! I've only been to North Island and spent 15 days there. It's a real stretch to do both islands in 10 days due to the distance between things. 10 days in North Island I'd fly into Auckland and out of Wellington if that's possible. NZ works best if you drive yourself, Very easy drive.
Day 1 & 2 Auckland city surrounds, tower, brewpub, Viaduct, Art gallery
Day 3 - Go to Hobbiton in Mata Mata and then get to Rotorua for the night.
Day 4 - Rotorua: Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, Tamaki Maori Village experience
Day 5 - Rotorua: Redwood Forest, blue and green lake, grab some fish & chips and enjoy the beautiful lake, hot water spring baths OR Day 6 -day trip to Waitomo Cave to see glow worms. Highly recommend the Black Water Rafting experience!!
Day 7 - Set out for Taupo. See Huka Falls, go fishing if you like. Not actually much around here but it's a beautiful pit stop if you want to slow down a bit. Stay the night because it will be a very long drive otherwise.
Day 8 - Head to New Plymouth. Stop by en route at Mike's Brewery for a paddle of beer. NZ has awesome beers! In New Plymouth go hiking on Mount Taranaki.
Day 9 - Depart for Wellington. Wellington museum, explore the city, wharf, huge foodie scene πŸ‘
Day 10 - Eat more in foodie Wellington before departing if you can. If flying out of Auckland this could be an all day affair getting out of Wellington ➑ Auckland ➑ Home.

If you are a Lord of the Rings location fan, then it's a different ball game hahaha.
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Jason Goldberg 12 months ago
Wow, this is fantastic, thanks!
Tzy Ling Tan 12 months ago
My pleasure Jason! 😊
Jason Goldberg 8 months ago
Hey Tzy Ling Tan! What's your #1 destination for a week of complete calm and solitude?
This is really tough for me to choose one. If you want the beach tropical life Langkawi is my go to, there are chalets away from the beach among a mini forest too but only 5 minutes drive from civilization. A complete opposite experience - I like Wales. A beautiful country with so many spots to collect your thoughts, Conwy/Snowdonia region being my fave for this purpose. 😊
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Agness Walewinder 11 months ago
How do you like Japan? Any surprises or a cultural shock?
so far day 1 is going well! Enjoying the sights and food. Most of them are pretty upbeat with their work which is cool. I guess I did a lot of research before coming so I wouldn't quite say there is a cultural shock. An expected surprise is actually their toilets of all things hahaha. So many buttons and special functions.
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 12 months ago
What is the best time in the day to visit Tanah Lot? The place looks beautiful and I would want to visit at a time not crowded.
It's absolutely stunning. Go on a clear day. I would recommend getting there around 10am. Some people like to do it as a sunset destination but the traffic congestion to and from is really bad at that time. I personally enjoyed my daytime experience more and you can still walk across to the temple. If you have your heart set on the sunset arrive about 5.00pm and find a spot. It will be crowded though. 😊
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Swaminathan Jayaraman 12 months ago
Thanks! It's been raining here and hope I've a clear day tomorrow. Planning to reach super early by 6.30 am for sunrise than sunset.
Foodgressing 11 months ago
Where is your favorite place for ramen or sushi in Japan?
I only went to Osaka and Kyoto. For ramen I really enjoyed Ichiran Ramen though the best experience overall was at γ‚‰γƒΌγ‚γ‚“δ½œγƒŽδ½œεƒζ—₯ε‰ζœ¬εΊ— (sorry no English name). Little 10 seater joint with delicious ramen. As for sushi I found myself loving Harukoma in Tenjinbashi. All these places are in Osaka, the place to eat till you drop!
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Sarvesh Sah 11 months ago
Which places to include while planning a trip to Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, what else?
I think Osaka is a must, just for the street food! Hokkaido is also great in summer for rolling rainbow hills of flowers and winter for the snow villages. Hokkaido is also known locally to be the no. 1 for food produce so get in as many seafood buffets as you can. 😊
Sarvesh Sah 11 months ago
That's awesome..would take 10 days I think to cover it all in a good manner..thanks Tzy Ling Tan
Sarvesh Sah 10 months ago
How many days are you in Japan for and covering which cities?
We just did Osaka and Kyoto over 8 days including a day trip to Nara. It's a decent span of time to see and experience the main things in each city.
Sarvesh Sah 10 months ago
Awesome..thanks Tzy Ling Tan
Shruti Sahu Gupta 10 months ago
Hi, what do you​ prefer to do when in a layover for a long time in an airport and stuck with no card to give access to lounges ?
I always plan my trips with little layover time but that also means I don't get to see the airport or explore much. If I have more than 6 hours I will try to take a bus/train/monorail out to the city. Or anything nearby (make sure you don't need special visa for that country). If it's under 6 hours and I've exhausted all the shops in the airport I grab a drink, hunt free WiFi and a charging station and use that time to catch up with my social media, family, emails and read. Hahaha boring I know.
Shruti Sahu Gupta 10 months ago
Sarvesh Sah 11 months ago
What is your opinion of Venice as a destination? Keeping aside guandola rides, is there much in the city?
Hi Sarvesh! I have indeed and I didn't take a gondola ride because I felt exactly the same way. Overrated and expensive. I did however like Venice, apart from getting lost in little lanes, Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco, it might pay to venture out to the surrounding islands such as Murano. There you can see more art and sights such as their famous glass blowing.

As for the smells, I think it depends when you go. I went in October and there was no smell. Even with the fresh seafood market stalls all over the place. Unfortunately when it's warm the smells rise and waft through so perhaps avoid going in summer.

Venice to me is just a 2 day stop but the views from Piazza San Marco left the biggest imprint in my brain.
Sarvesh Sah 11 months ago
Thanks Tzy Ling Tan ..I have to agree to:
1. I felt bad about the smell but I went in March, so may be it starts from then?
2. The view from Piazza San Marco is definitely good.
I spent only half a day in the city and liked getting lost in the by lanes behind the Piazza and exploring small restaurants/cafes for coffee and lunch..
Swaminathan Jayaraman 12 months ago
Hello, have your trekked Mt. Batur? Any tips or advices?
unfortunately I haven't so can't help you with tips there. Anyone else can advise? 😊
Sarvesh Sah 11 months ago
Have you taken photography lessons? Your photos look unprofessional, unfiltered and naturally good.
πŸ˜„ I haven't taken any lessons Sarvesh. Just been taking a lot of photos over time I suppose. Still a lot to learn ✌
Shruti Sahu Gupta 10 months ago
Hi, you must have experienced a lot of airports while traveling. which one is your favorite and why ?
Hello Shruti. I have indeed come across my fair share of airports, some better than others. I'd say Incheon Airport, South Korea is efficient, clean, good layout, easy to navigate, good staff and amenities/services available. Hamad Airport in Doha is my second pick, again it's clean, comfortable, good facilities and well designed.